Parole Support Letters Needed For Delbert Africa

Posted June 3, 2015 on

Ona Move

First we would just like to take the time to thank all the People who have taken the time to make calls to a The Pa Parole Board this week in support of our Brother Delbert Africa. The Parole Board is feeling a tremendous amount of pressure over the issue of parole for Delbert and The Move 9 overall . Due to the amount of pressure over the calls they are now trying to divert people’s attention towards letters so that the calls will stop . We urge people to keep making calls and don’t stop if The Pa Parole Board has such an issue with us calling then they should grant parole for Move Political Prisoners bottom line .

In the meantime we are encouraging people to write letters on Delbert’s behalf in support of Parole for him . People can write to

Chairman John Tuttle
Pa Board Of Probation And Parole
1101 South Front St  Suite 5300
Harrisburg , Pa 17104

The deadline for letters is Friday June 12th 2015 . So let’s get as many letters  there as possible in support for Parole For Delbert (Orr) Africa Am 4985  and if you can’t write a letter continue to make your calls at (717) 772-4343 and let’s keep the pressure on

For More info people can go to

Facebook/Justice for The Move 9

Ona move

The Justice And Accountability Campaign