Coyote Acabo Support Fund

From Puget Sound Anarchists:

coyote-sheffCoyote Acabo is an anti-racist organizer and parent who is being charged with a felony over events related to anti-racist actions in Olympia. This fundraiser‘s goal is to raise money for his legal support and all excess money will go toward supporting his child.

Support Coyote Sheff: Post Release Registry

coyotesheff2Coyote will be released on November 8th! Donations and gifts are very much appreciated as Coyote, after sixteen years in prison, needs support in adjusting to life on the outside. On the registry there is a list of some of the things that Coyote expects to need upon release.

If you’d rather send something in the mail:
Coyote Sheff
P.O. Box 1633
Olympia WA 98507

Coyote is a self-defined anarchist who holds down his own prison chapter of Anarchist Black Cross in the confines of Nevada’s maximum security prison, Ely State Prison.

In addition to starting a prison chapter of the Anarchist Black Cross, Coyote has organized anarchist reading and discussion groups amongst inmates, as well as exercise groups. He has written for radical and anarchist publications.

More Info On Coyote Sheff: