Scott DeMuth legal update

ScottIn this update:
August 23: Pre-trial Hearing for Scott in Davenport, IA
August 19-August 26: One More Week of the Conspiracy Tour
September 13: Trial Call Starts for Scott


1. August 23: Pre-trial Hearing for Scott in Davenport, IA

Scott’s final pre-trial hearing is happening next Monday! It’s currently scheduled to be in court in Davenport, although there’s a possibility that it could just be a phone conference. If you’re in the Quad Cities area and want to join us in court, come on out! Here’s what you need to know:

* When: Monday, 8/23, 11am
* Where: Federal Courthouse, 131 E. Fourth St.

Email us at scottandcarrie(A) if you’re considering traveling to Davenport so we can give you the latest news on the hearing. If you can’t make it, keep your eye out for an update on the legal stuff next week.

2. August 19-August 26: One More Week of the Conspiracy Tour

The Conspiracy Tour is in its last week on the road! After going around a ton of the country, the Tour is working its way up the West Coast and will be heading back to the Midwest this weekend. You might still be able to catch a presentation, though! Check out the remaining event dates:
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Chicago: Conspiracy Tour locked out by Chicago PD

DABC Note: The Conspiracy Tour will be in Denver on August 12th at the 27 Social Centre. Mark your calendars!

Chicago Police said that the Conspiracy Tour “came on their radar” and demanded that DePaul Law School hire private security to “keep us contained” during our puppet show and presentation. The school agreed, and was going to charge us for the privilege of our own repression!

We say no thanks to that–we’re here to argue that people should not let the state contain them, no matter how much repression they try to unleash on us. And that is why we have the state running scared.

So we’re moving! The event tomorrow (7/28) will be at 7pm at Locked Out, 3951 W. Fullerton St. in Logan Square.

Come see what’s scaring the powers that be, and show them that we’re still here, and we’re going to keep fighting! We sure do hope to see you there!

The Conspiracy Tour is going on a whirlwind, month-long excursion across the continental United States to raise awareness of and solidarity for political activists from Minneapolis, MN who are facing severe state repression. Come join us in raising political support and much-needed legal defense funds for the RNC 8 and Scott DeMuth.


Conspiracy Tour 2010

Conspiracy Tour: We’re (still) getting ready

The Conspiracy Tour will be in Denver at the 27 Social Centre on August 12th

More information on the tour here.