New Zine: How To Start A Prison Books Collective

From Prison Books Collective:


We’re happy to announce that an updated manual on how to start a prison books group is now available for download and printing. Our collective has been talking about putting out this zine for years and we are thrilled to finally be releasing it. This manual is designed to help the reader start and maintain a prison book program. It is not meant to be taken as an absolute, but as friendly advice when devising your own policies and procedures. We hope that this humble contribution will help other prison books groups get started and expand the important work of sending political, legal, and self-educational resources to prisoners. You can download it on our Resources page, or by clicking here.

Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective Year End Report

The monthly birthday posters CHPBC puts out has been extremely helpful in DABC’s letter writing nights. ¬†Each month we send out handmade birthday cards to prisoners and the response has been very positive. ¬†It’s encouraging to see efforts like these made by fellow anarchists in a time when political prisoner support is more important than ever.

Our Year End Report

Dear Friends and Comrades,
This poster marks a year of making these posters! Our collective is super¬†excited to be able to have kept up for an entire year while expanding what¬†we are pretty sure is the most extensive database of US¬†political¬†Prisoners’ birthdays. We plan on continuing to compile these birthdays and¬†addresses for years to come. What started as a really shitty looking punk¬†poster sent to 20 personal contacts in the south east is now emailed out¬†to over 200 infoshops and individuals, mailed to just about every books 2¬†prisoners in the country and 500 are included in every package of three¬†major radical distributors. Its also changed the way the Earth First! Journal does their prisoner support page. It is our hope that all this has¬†increased¬†political prisoner mail¬†and support exponentially by using a¬†decentralized yet coordinated model. This project serves to connect the¬†current movements and struggles with our warriors and elders who have been¬†captured and in many cases tortured and left to be forgotten by the US¬†empire. Most signs point to this project as a raging success in terms of¬†its original scope and goals. It would have never been possible with out¬†the¬†Anarchist Black Cross Federation for their original birthday list and¬†Denver¬†Anarchist Black Cross for keeping up with the ever changing¬†addresses of US¬†political Prisoners. We now have pdfs of almost all of the¬†posters so far (except february 2010) on our recently overhauled website¬† So feel free to point people towards that piece of

Which brings us to money, The past year of this project was¬†financed¬† entirely out of pocket and cost us hundreds of dollars over the¬†course of a year stupidly enough. The prison books aspect of our project¬†doesn’t have the money to spend on this and send thousands of books each¬†year to prisoners in the south, so basically we’ve been spending our own¬†very tight personal finances. So we’re asking y’all to throw a bit of¬†money our way. You can donate through our website (
send checks to¬†Internationalist books¬†to prisoners at our bookstore’s¬†address.(405 w franklin st, chapel hill nc 27516) If you have a local¬†books to prisoners project or Anarchist Black Cross then ignore our plea¬†for money and read¬† it as a plea for support for them. Make copies,¬†volunteer, give money, whatever you’re able to do. Prisons are a strategic¬†point of struggle¬† and the books 2 prisoners network is a potentially¬†powerful force for positive¬† and radical social change.¬†As always…please post this poster publicly and or use it to have a card¬†writing night.

Until Every Cage Is Empty,
for the chapel hill prison books collective,