Atlanta Comrade Jailed After Allegedly Defending Himself from Hate Crime

Received from Atlanta ABC:

A comrade in Atlanta is currently facing five charges of felony aggravated assault with a weapon after defending himself against a hate motivated attack.

The media is currently slandering him and portraying him as a crazed unstable attacker but supporters have drafted a counter narrative that is included below. Please forward this and post it so that we can get support

We are looking for funds to help with legal defense, and for his commissary. Luke is vegan so if anyone has information how to help him get vegan food while in jail please let us know.

He is currently in jail with no bond.

As of now no specific site is created by those supporting Luke but the Atlanta Black Cross page will be updating information as we get it.

In Love and Rage,



It has been reported in the press that Luke O’Donovan, 19, went on a
“stabbing rampage” at a New Year’s Eve party in Reynoldstown, a
neighborhood in Atlanta, GA. This is not accurate. The events that
occurred were the result of Luke O’Donovan desperately defending himself
against a clear act of queer-bashing that included Luke being stabbed in
the back.

Some facts of the situation remain unclear, but the events that have been
reported thus far are inaccurate. Narratives have described Luke
O’Donovan, 19, as having returned to a house party that he had been kicked
out of. The reports state that Luke returned with a knife and stabbed one
person, and then 4 others who attempted to subdue Luke.

As multiple witnesses have testified and will testify, Luke was never
kicked out of the party and did not leave. He remained at the house where
the party was occurring up until the incident. This basic fact, and the
fact that it has been misrepresented, changes the story as it has been
reported thus far. Luke is being portrayed as having gone on a nearly
unfounded “stabbing rampage” comparable to recent mass killings. This is
false. Luke did not go to the party intending to initiate conflict with
anyone. Just fifteen minutes before the fight, Luke was present in the
living room of the house, having a pleasant and friendly conversation with
other people at the party.

Although the exact sequence of events is unknown at this point, it is
clear that Luke was attacked by several people at one time and retaliated
in self-defense in an attempt to escape the attack. Several witnesses have
reported watching between 5 and 12 men mobbing up on Luke and stomping on
his head and body with the intent to kill him. The people who were stabbed
during the conflict were not attempting to end the fight with Luke. The
altercation was never limited to Luke and one other person, but involved
several people mobbing up on him.

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Mt. Hope Infinity: 2 Portland area queers have their email accounts subpoenaed

On Wednesday, March 16th, Google will be forced to hand over the email accounts of two queer activists from Portland, Oliver Hayes and Kat Enyeart, to the evangelical Mt. Hope Church in Lansing, MI. Both Portlanders are subpoenaed because of their alleged ties to the Bash Back. However no factual evidence has been produced to support such a relationship existing and both deny membership in the organization.

They issued this statement Wednesday:

“Today Google will have to comply with a subpoena to release our private email correspondence to a hostile far-right anti-gay organization. These emails were subpoenaed by Mt. Hope Church — a virulent and dangerous anti-gay mega church based in Lansing, MI. The subpoenas are part of a civil suit wherein Mt. Hope is attempting to sue people they allege to be part of an organization called “Bash Back.” Three years ago a group of people using that name engaged in a non-violent protest and political theater display against the anti-gay rhetoric and actions of Mt. Hope. During this non-violent protest no person was hurt and no criminal charges were filed as a result. Now, however, Mt. Hope (under the guise of the Alliance Defense Fund) is attempting to sue anyone they believe to be connected to Bash Back. In a sickening twist of fate, they are suing under the FACE Act — a law meant to protect women who seeking abortion services. It is ironic that an legislative attempt to protect women’s reproductive rights is now being used to target and harass queer rights activists.
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New defendant added to Mt. Hope Infinity case

Mt Hope InfinityDABC Note: The Mt. Hope Infinity Support Tour will be making a stop in Denver on Monday November 15th at the 27 Social Centre in Denver. Please show your support! More info:!/event.php?eid=140941772624050

Lansing, Michigan — On Nov 5, a visible radical queer organizer in Chicago was added to the lengthy list of defendants in the Mt. Hope Infinity lawsuit.

On November 9th, 2008 activists from the international queer liberation group, Bash Back! protested the notoriously anti-queer mega-church Mount Hope at its headquarters in Lansing, Michigan. The church preaches an anti-queer stance and runs a coercive program designed to turn queer youth straight.

While some of the protesters danced, chanted, and held signs out side of the building, a small group proceeded into the church to conduct a demonstration by hanging a banner that read “It’s OK to be GAY!”, and handing out support leaflets directed towards the queer youth. As the demonstration was legal, the police gave no citations.

In May 2009, the multi-million dollar right-wing non-profit Alliance Defense Fund filed a federal law suit on behalf of Mt. Hope Church under the Freedom of Access to Clinical Entrances Act. The lawsuit named 13 individuals, as well as Bash Back! as a whole, Bash Back! Lansing, and 20 “John” and “Jane Doe”s (who the ADF is in the process of identifying). ADF and Mt. Hope Church seek, first, a broad injunction that could dramatically hinder future activism that resists the institutionalization of religious fundamentalism. Second, they asked for an unknown, but assuredly large, sum of money in supposed “damages” and trial costs.

The injunction, if granted, would set legal precedent. Imagine it was legally impossible to protest anti-choice organizations or “ex-gay” conferences. With this lawsuit we may be making new law regarding these types of demonstrations.

Last week the ADF identified one of the “Jesse” Does. There are still 19 more spots.

The Mt. Hope Infinity is in need of support in any form, especially financial, media and kind words.

If you’d like to join the (small) support team, or help out in any way, email

New Poster + Day of Solidarity & Fundraising for the Mt. Hope Infinity

mount hope infinityJust in time for the July 16-17 fundraising weekend, this is a new poster about the Mt. Hope Infinity. The Mt. Hope Infinity are visible queers from around the Midwest who are being persecuted by the Mt. Hope megachurch and Alliance Defense Fund. Print in color, or in black-and-white: We won’t hold it against you, just get them up everywhere.

“Solidarity fundraising day July 16 starts the solidarity fund raising week end for the Mount Hope Infinity

There are three events happening around the US:

Tulsa Oklahoma
July 16th, 9pm
The Eclipse: 1336 E. 6th St

San Fransisco California
July 16th, 8pm
Underground SF: 424 haight street

Gainesville Florida
July 17th, 8pm
Civic Media Center: 433 South Main Street

But it’s not too late to throw another:

It can be anything from a punk show, a party, to a cake walk, a garage sale, to a date auction, a kissing booth, to tabling a another show with patches for sale. Anything you can do that day to raise some green for our radical queer friends is needed.


FAQ: If I wanna help but I can’t do that day is that ok?

Yeah. If you need to do something the day before or the day after, or the week before or the week after, that’s fine. We’re just trying to catalyze our supporters to bring in some much needed funds, the exact date is less important.

Got other questions? send them to

Thanks in advance!”

In case it wasn’t clear, the Mt. Hope Infinity are responsible for neither the poster nor this post, we’re just an autonomous support crew.

Mt Hope Infinity: Where Are We Now?

The Bash Back Infinity’s lawyer just had to drop their case! They are in need of a new lawyer! Please contact

Sometime after the original subpoenas, as well as a letter threatening to confiscate all electronics from the defendants, the ADF announced that they would be willing to negotiate.

Their offer was that each person named would pay $1,000 each to Mt. Hope Church. As well as submit official apologies, and sworn statements never to demonstrate at a place of worship again.

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The Bigotry is On Our Doorstep! Support the Mt. Hope Infinity

Queer activists need your help to defend against the Alliance Defense Fund.

On November 9th, 2008 activists from the international queer liberation group, Bash Back! protested the stance and actions of the notoriously anti-queer mega-church, Mount Hope at their headquarters compound in Lansing, Michigan. While some of the group danced, chanted and held signs out side of the building, a small group proceeded into the church to conduct a demonstration by hanging a banner that read “It’s OK to be GAY!”, and handing out support leaflets targeted toward the queer youth. As the activists had been careful to remain legal, the police made no charges. So in May of 2009 a right-wing legal group, the Alliance Defense Fund filed a federal law suit on behalf of Mt. Hope Church under the Freedom of Access to Clinical Entrances Act, naming 13 individuals, as well as Bash Back! as a whole, Bash Back! Lansing, and 20 “John” and “Jane Doe”s (yet to be identified). The suit seeks an injunction that could seriously hinder future activism that resists the institutionalization of religious fundamentalism. As well as an unknown sum of money in supposed “damages” and trial costs. Thankfully, we can count on our community and allies to step up. Tracie Dominic Palmer, an activist attorney with the National Lawyers Guild has been wonderful in supporting the group and has been diligently attempting to negotiate as well as building a defense, pro-bono! But as everyone knows, this is far from free. In the end, even in victory, it will have cost her as well as everyone involved in the defense a great deal emotionally and monetarily. Bottom line: We need your help.

The ADF and Mt. Hope are working double time now to oppress queer people and crush all those that oppose them. To be clear, the main objective of their efforts is to plant fear and hesitation in confronting bigotry. This is why they also subpoenaed 20 “John” and “Jane does” (which we have chosen to call Jesse Does to remove the gendering of anyone) in addition to the 13 named defendants. Allowing them to pick anyone they want, whenever they want, and claim affiliation with Bash Back! This is why the defense is called the “Mt. Hope Infinity”. Again, it is extremely important to understand that the injunction seeks to set legal precedence that would seriously restrict future activism of this nature. Imagine it being legally impossible to protest anti-choice organizations or “ex-gay” conferences. In fact, as attorney Tracie Palmer has stressed, we may very well be making new law regarding these types of demonstrations. This is a serious concern, not just for the individuals involved, but for all liberation activism.

~With the queerest love and rage.
Bash Back! Infinity

* It is important to note that since the action, some of the websites have been altered. For example, you now have to input personal information and complete a phone interview to find out details regarding the Dunami sexual “support group”.

Check out for more information.

How can you help?

GET THE WORD OUT! Pass out a flier, get this website out to everyone you can (facebook! myspace! listserves!),  plan to support the Mt. Hope Infinity in person at court dates and fundraisers.

DONATE!: Suprise! the radical christian right has lots and lots of money, and we don’t. So, please donate anything you can. OR HOST A FUNDRAISER!!! a party, date auction, or garage sale! Anything is helpful.

You can send checks to:

PO box 27201
Lansing, MI 48909-7201

(if you’re uncomfortable with sending a check without a name on it, email us and we’ll give you one!

And you can donate online:

Guelph: Updates On The Fierce & Fabulous Three!

Update from Fierce & Fabulous Krew on the 3 queer/trans folk arrested outside a drag show for ‘assault on a peace officer’.  Statement of solidarity here.

Two of the  3 queer/trans folk who were charged with assault police have made their first appearance in court.

One person had court on March 15th, the courts had no information on the matter and was confused as to why all three of the co-accused did not all have court on the same day. Her court was adjourned until April 19th.

Today on March, 22nd another one of the persons charged made his first court appearance. He received a screening form and the disclosure. The crown is proceeding summarily and is asking for 1. Probation, 2. firearms prohibition, 3.DNA Databank Order and 4. Jail Time. His next court date is also April, 19th, 2010.

The other person who has yet to make her appearance in court is also scheduled to be in court on April, 19th.

Send e-mails of support to

Bash Back! 2010 Convergence in Denver

Bash Back! Denver has announced that it will host the 2010 BB! convergence, May 27-30. More info will be coming out soon check out the hot advertising pictures here.

We stand in solidarity with BB! in the shadow of the ever escalating war on queer/trans folk.

Legal Support for the BB! Anti-Nazi Protesters

Antifa confronts NazisWe are currently collecting money to cover court fees and bail money for the two Bash Back! folks who were arrested for confronting Nazis in Austin, Minnesota.

The duo are facing relatively minor charges, and with the help of the radical queer community, we know we can raise the expected $800 in court costs for them.

If they win or if they have any leftover funds the money will be split equally between the Ariel Attack (Denver) & You Are Jessie Doe (Lansing) defense fund.

You can donate via Paypal (no info on how has been given) Or you can send cash/check by snail mail to the following:

BB! Legal
2912 Kenneth Street
Memphis, TN 38128

We are also asking folks to come out to the trial on October 26th, if they choose to, and there will be more information posted about that shortly.

Bash Backers arrested in Twin Cities antifascist confrontation
Full reportback on the demo from Twin Cities Indymedia

Memphis: Bash Back squat raided

Bash BackIn the late hours of Saturday, October 3, while most Bash Backers were out running errands or partying the night away; a fleet of five or so cop cars made their way toward the Marsha P. Johnson Queer Collective (known to many as simply the BB! Memphis Squat) on Bruce Street.

Upon arrival, without any announcement to vacate or any eviction notice in tow, two of the cops promptly approached a side window, using their steel flashlights to break through.

With guns drawn; several cops entered the community room adjacent to the broken window, where two queer youth who had been staying at the collective were making love. They immediately ordered the partially-dressed duo outside, dragging them through the broken window pane.

By this time, several supportive neighbors had began to rally across the street in their defense, screaming things at the cops like “Leave our neighborhood, pigs” and “Leave those kids alone”. At one point, one neighbor, an older person of color, was told if he did not settle down and leave he would be arrested also.

Our next door neighbors, however, who collaborated with the police in the sting, however, began screaming homophobic and racist obscenities and were never asked to “settle down”.

The youth were questioned but refused to give the location of any other house members.

As of today the two youth were released to the custody of their parents without formal charges, while patrol cars have been seen cruising Bruce Street non-stop. The house has not been boarded up yet, and both the locks and our goals remain the same.

Fuck the cops,
-BB! Memphis.