Wishlist for Joseph Buddenberg!

From Support Nicole and Joseph:

joseph-2-e1437952437645Currently, Joseph Buddenberg is on house arrest and can only leave the apartment for very specific engagements, never to stray from the path taken to get there. Fortunately there is a supportive network that exists in the Bay area to pick up certain items he may need from week to week. Here is one more way we can support Joseph while he is going through this tough time. All you have to do is follow the link to his Amazon.com wish list that was set up, and find something that you might like to order for Joseph, or pass it along to a friend.

Thank you, and stay tuned for more updates on Nicole and Josephs case and ways you can plug in to support them.


Court Support for Joseph!

From supportnicoleandjoseph.com:

Joseph Buddenberg, who was arrested along with Nicole Kissane at their apartment on July 24th by the FBI and then formerly charged with ” conspiracy to violate the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act,” has court on Wednesday, August 12th. His lawyer will be arguing to get Joseph off house arrest. Let’s show the court how much support Joseph Buddenberg has , and let’s be there to show Joseph that he is definitely not alone while going through this.

Please make it if you can!

When: Wednesday, August 12th, 9:30am
Where: Oakland Federal Courthouse
1301 Clay Street
Floor 3, Court room 3
Judge Ryu

If attending, please wear court-appropriate attire and behave respectfully. Please also be aware that you may have to show ID and be subject to search to enter the courthouse. Arrive early as the courthouse may be busy.

Also please continue donating to the Nicole and Joseph defense fund –

-Nicole and Joseph Support Team