Current situations of captive anarchists Andrew Mickel and Casey Brezik, and some words in their defense

by War On Society

While updating the listing of anarchists imprisoned in North America on this site, we discover that Andrew Mickel, convicted in a claimed assassination of a police officer, is facing imminent execution at the hands of the state, and that Casey Brezik, accused in the attempted assassination of the governor of Missouri (and an attack on the college dean who tried to thwart him) has been condemned to indefinite captivity in a mental institution–one of the loopholes the state utilizes in its own laws to deny prisoners their supposed “rights” of trial and “due process.”

We discover this while also translating a text from comrades in Chile titled “In the social war, nothing and no one is forgotten.” All this, on a day in which the masses of Americans are encouraged to “remember” Martin Luther King Jr. because the State finds it safe to portray his actions of social change in a sanitized way that they can use to maintain their existing and continuing order (even while encouraging us to forget many aspects of his life, not to mention the thousands and millions who have fought against Power in a way that it will never sanction, because they fought not for its reform but for revolution, and/or for the insurrection of the individual)–this awakens powerful feelings which urge us to write in defense of Andy and Casey, who we (the whole anarchist space) have been all but completely fooled into forgetting because of the ploys of power, and to declare although we have not met these individuals we stand with each of them against power’s cowardly attacks on their lives, freedom, memory, affinities, and reputations.
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