Alvaro Luna Hernandez: Another Bogus Case

15 Feb. 2012
Hughes Nazis Prison


“…[W]e give this notice, so that our brothers in chains will not be alarmed when they see us in the claws of authority; we give this notice so that no one will be discouraged, so that all will continue onward. If we are persecuted, we do not want discouragement to spread, but rather that with doubled vigor all proceed with the great work undertaken until the goal is achieved: the death of the capitalist system…”

– Ricardo Flores Magon,
Oct. 1915, murdered by guards
at Leavenworth, Kan.
Federal Prison, 1922

Although the fascist pigs extinguished his life on the earth in 1922, he will always live in our hearts and in our memory – Brother Ricardo Flores Magon, revolutionary anarchist, Presente!!!

I was taken before the disciplinary “kangaroo court” yesterday, found guilty, and relegated to 90 days of extreme deprivation conditions in Level-3, conditions that were outlawed in March 1999 by federal judge Justice in Ruiz v. Johnson, 37 F. Supp. 2d 855 (S.D. Tex. 1999) he described as CONSTITUTING TORTURE. I mailed you a Step 1 Grievance filed here on 12 Feb. 2012. Specifically, the MENTALLY ILL are subjected to such atrocious brutalities and inhumanities that would make HITLER’S AUSCHWITZ CAMP look like Disneyland. These are flagrant HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY that must be protested. While the racist, hypocrite U.S. government parades around the world as the “champion of human rights”, at this very moment, it is engaged in a pattern and practice of STATE TERRORISM AND GENOCIDE against the prisoner-class here in this prison system. The majority of those of us in this type PROLONGED SOLITARY CONFINEMENT ARE PEOPLE OF COLOR!
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Without Fear- The Ballad of Alvaro Luna Hernandez

Without Fear

The Ballad of Alvaro Luna Hernandez


“I will never surrender my pride and dignity nor allow the system to ‘cut my tongue’ and I will always, without fear, speak out against these war crimes and crimes against humanity, no matter if I spend the rest of my life in a prison cage, and draw my last breath of air laying down in this steel bed surrounded by razor-wire fences and cages, and its prison policies that are designed to destroy one’s humanity….”

—Alvaro Luna Hernandez, October 18, 2010, Hughes Unit Prison, Gatesville, Texas.

Locked in solitary confinement in a tiny cage inside one of the most notorious control units in the Texas state prison system, Alvaro Luna Hernandez is immersed in a stack of old law texts, his eyes glancing back and forth between court transcripts and a thick legal book every few moments. The streaks of gray in his full, and otherwise dark, beard betray his age in spite of his healthy, powerful frame as he reaches towards the ledge of the sink for a lone Styrofoam cup to take a sip of the stale, lukewarm commissary-bought coffee he drinks every morning, when he can afford it.

Just fifteen months shy of 60 years old, Alvaro has a remarkable amount of energy and routinely gets more work done before noon than most attorneys do in an entire day. Today he’s putting together the documents to get a new trial on a writ of habeas corpus proceeding for another prisoner who is both indigent and illiterate and feels he has been wrongly imprisoned. After that, it’s on to the cases of two other inmates Alvaro is helping out who are each facing several decades behind bars if their appeals fall through before the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in Austin. Other prisoners know to go to Alvaro for legal help; he has a well-known reputation throughout the state—indeed nationwide, as highlighted in the recent book Jailhouse Lawyers (City Lights: 2009) by Mumia Abu-Jamal—as a tenacious and effective “jailhouse lawyer” who has filed and won no small number of civil rights suits over the past four decades.

* * *

Alvaro Luna Hernandez is a political prisoner of the State of Texas and the U.S. government. He is nearly 15 years into a 50 year prison sentence for an “aggravated assault” conviction stemming from a July 1996 incident in which he disarmed a Brewster County Sheriff attempting to shoot him. Alvaro vehemently denies the charge that he assaulted the Sheriff. To Mexican-Americans in the cities, slums, plains, deserts, and prison cages of the Southwest, he is a civil rights hero, a Chicano freedom fighter true to his barrio roots and eternally fearless in the face of injustice. For years, he has been internationally recognized by amnesty movements and human rights lawyers and experts as a U.S. political prisoner, yet inside the United States, the name Alvaro Luna Hernandez remains largely elusive on the lips of progressives and social justice advocates.

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New Year Message from Alvaro Luna Hernandez to the Jericho Movement

02 JANUARY 2011

Dear Comrades & Friends,

Fraternal, Revolutionary Greetings from within the belly of the racist,fascist beast, but in incessant struggle against the neo-colonial gulag andits culture of mass imprisonment of the poor, and the warehousing of human beings in concrete tombs, as part of this government’s war against theworking poor and on militancy and dissent. NO SURRENDER! MARILYN BUCK,PRESENTE! LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTIONARY SPIRIT OF GEORGE & JONATHAN JACKSON!

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Denver ABC Interview with Political Prisoner Alvaro Luna Hernandez

Recently Denver ABC has been working with Alvaro Luna Hernandez, a Chicano political prisoner serving a 50 year sentence for disarming the Sheriff of Alpine in self-defense.  We’re excited to release this exclusive interview which details both the events that lead to his unjust imprisonment as well as key events in his life, his current challenges in prison and thoughts on revolutionary struggle.

We encourage people to share Alvaro’s case and this interview with friends and family.  If you are interested in getting involved with Alvaro’s campaign contact us at and visit his support site

Interview with Chicano Political Prisoner Alvaro Luna Hernandez
by Denver ABC
(from a “Control Unit” in Texas Prison)

ABC Denver: Alvaro.  First, thank you so much for conducting this interview with us.  I think it makes sense to start by recounting the events that transpired that lead to your current imprisonment.  Take us back to the day that the Alpine Sheriff came to your place on false charges.  What happened?

Alvaro: I believe a brief account of some historical facts are first necessary in order to put all these matters in their proper context.  Of course, we all know the legacy of confrontations between police and the Chicano community.  My case is an example of the continuation of this “gunpowder justice” mentality going back to the occupation of Mexicano lands and the colonial vigilantism of Texas Rangers “shoot first and ask questions later,” such as in the celebrated case of Gregorio Cortez as recounted by Americo Paderes in his book “With His Pistol in His Hand,” that produced “corridos,” and other ballads of resistance in the Southwest.  The occupation settlers have always enforced their colonial rule with an iron fist.

The Alpine Police is no different.  Since my arrival in Alpine, they immediately set out to expel me from the county at all costs.  For example, as a rebellious youth, I had had many violent confrontations with police, including destruction of police cars in response to a racist incident at a local restaurant; the overpowering of jailers in the Pecos County Jail, taking the Sheriff’s arsenal, freeing all prisoners in the jail, locking the jailer in a cell, taking his car and escaping to Mexico through the Big Bend National Park near Santa Elena Canyon; I had shootouts with police, and was known as a “troublemaker” in the eyes of police because of my history of filing civil rights lawsuits against police for brutality, and winning large sums of monetary compensation for damages, including having a Chief Deputy and a Deputy Sheriff convicted in federal court in Pecos for brutalizing me and other prisoners, after my re-capture from my jail escape to Mexico.  The police were not happy to see me return to Alpine.  I began to set the ground work for barrio organizing the Alpine police feared and were determined to stop. Continue reading


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