Canada: Alex Hundert sentenced to 13.5 months for anti-G20 charges

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Canada: Alex Hundert released from jail

From Toronto Media coop (via by Alex Hundert(Updated on January 26: I was released from jail on January 24)

After nearly five months in jail, I will finally be walking out of the Toronto West Detention Centre having taken a plea bargain with the Crown.

The deal required that I plead guilty to a single count of “breach recognisance” stemming from a single presentation amongst many presentations at the September 17 event at Ryerson University titled “Strengthening Our Resolve: Movement Building and Ongoing Resistance to the G20 Agenda.

The plea was in exchange for having the breach of bail coming from an almost identical event at Wilfrid Laurier University dropped, along with two counts of breaching my probation (which is left over from an older charge in Cayuga resulting from a blockade in Cayuga) dropped. They have also stopped the proceedings to collect a hundred and twenty thousand dollars from my sureties. More importantly, I finally got a new bail, including being able to post to the internet, having no curfew, and being able to leave the house with designates. This allows me to once again be a contributing member of my community and to the movements I am a part of.
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Canada: Alex Hundert arrested… again!

AlexCommunity organizer Alex Hundert was arrested this morning at his surety’s home. He has been arrested on an unfounded allegation, and one clearly designed to return Hundert to prison.

“I witnessed the alleged incident, and I’m confident that this charge is unfounded. It is a further attempt to silence and incarcerate my brother,” said Jonah Hundert, who was with Alex at the time. “This most recent attempt to vilify him will not work, and support will continue.”

This arrest is yet another attempt to intimidate and harass Alex and other anti-G20 organizers. The Crown is seeking his detention and attempting to have his bail revoked. This is the fourth time that the Crown has sought his detention in the past five months. This most recent attempt to imprison Alex, and intimidate activists and critics of the government, demonstrates the desperation and heavy handedness of the Crown and the police. The Crown is grasping at straws in an attempt to put Alex in jail for as long as possible.

“The Movement Defence Committee is deeply concerned that Alex Hundert continues to be targeted by the state, this is his third arrest under questionable circumstances,” says Ryan White from the Committee.

He has been targeted by the police on a number of occasions and was arrested for speaking against the G20 in September at a panel discussion. Community organizations and individuals have rallied behind Hundert, in opposition to this blatant intimidation. This arrest was clearly an attempt to silence political dissent and impede public discussion about the G20 and the police abuses during the G20 protests. Following this arrest, he was jailed for over a month before being released.

The G20, the 20 countries with the largest economies, met in Toronto last June. Currently, G20 austerity measures are snatching away health, educational and social services, while the governments of G20 countries continue to bail out banks and corporations. G20 policies further colonization and destruction of Indigenous nations and their lands in Canada and around the world. These policies also displace millions of people a year, many of whom come here and are forced to deal with the racist and oppressive Canadian immigration system. While communities are faced with massive cuts, to social assistance, housing, and countless other social programs, these meetings cost over $1 billion to police.

Numerous organizations expressed public support for Alex after his last arrest. These include: the Canadian Labour Congress, Canadian Association of Journalists, Canadian Civil Liberties Association, Wilfred-Laurier University Faculty Association, Canadian Association of University Teachers, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, No One Is Illegal, AW@L, Toronto Community Solidarity Network, and OPIRG Toronto.

While in custody, he remains under his existing bail conditions.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Toronto: Alex Hundert released

Alex Hundert “released” on bail; in solitary confinement and coerced into accepting outrageous bail

Thursday October 15, Toronto, Mississauga New Credit – Less than 24 hours after refusing to sign outrageous bail conditions which included not expressing political views in public and non-associations intended to further isolate him, Alex Hundert was forced to consent to his release.

On the night of Wednesday October 14th, Alex was told by the security manager at the Toronto East Detention Centre that he had to sign the bail conditions or face solitary confinement in “the hole”, without access to phone calls or writing paper. He was put in solitary confinement after an initial confrontation with correction staff where he resisted initial attempts to make him sign. He was denied the right to call his lawyer, and told that if he didn’t sign now, they would revoke the bail offer and he would be held in solitary confinement until his eventual release from prison.

Coerced into signing these conditions, Alex was thrown out of Toronto East and left to find his own way home to his sureties’ house. The prison authorities forced him into a position where he could potentially be accused of further breaching his bail. Alex is now back on house arrest with an enforced curfew, with non-associations with co-accused and members of SOAR, AWOL, NOII and other community organizers. He also has the additionally imposed restrictions of no direct or indirect posting to the internet, no assisting, planning, or attending any public meeting or march, and no expressing of views on a political issue.

Over the past week, Alex has experienced a particularly malicious targeting. Last week, the criminal injustice system made the ludicrous finding that Alex had breached his previous ‘no-demonstration’ bail condition by speaking on a panel because he was supposedly engaging in the same kind of “behaviour that he exhibited in meetings leading up to the G20.” Then, he was forced to take a stand to go back to jail by refusing to sign fundamentally unjust and repressive bail conditions. And now, his right to refuse to accept such a blatant violation of his freedom to express political views and his freedom to associate has been further attacked through coercive and punitive attempts to force his own release.

In a previously published media statement, Alex has stated “They are targeting me because I am part of communities that are effectively organizing across movements. Whether it is the criminalization of anarchists and community organizers like me, or the daily demonization of Indigenous peoples, poor people and migrant communities, we have to show them that our resolve and our solidarity can be stronger than their intimidation and repression.”

Alex’s family, friends and allies are outraged and upset by the harassment and coercion Alex faced after refusing to set a dangerous precedent for our broader movements by choosing not to consent to egregious bail conditions. Outrage has been building across the country as the implications of politically-motivated G20 conspiracy charges become clear. The Crown, the prison, the police and the corporate and colonial interests they represent are clearly afraid of what we think and say, not only what we do.

Rallies in Kitchener-Waterloo, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Toronto on Tuesday echoed with chants of “this is what a demonstration looks like”. We continue to strengthen our resolve, and will fight these trumped-up charges until the end. One hundred conspiracy charges were dropped today against Montreal organizers arrested at gunpoint during a morning raid at the University of Toronto on June 27th. We cannot be silenced or intimidated, our resistance will only increase as we keep organizing for liberation for all people, especially those who daily bear the brunt of police, state, and corporate oppression.

Please stay posted for further updates.

For more information contact Jonah Hundert at

For the press release from last week, please read and for further background information on Alex’s arrest and the numerous attempts by the police and Crown to throw him back in jail, read this press release:

For ongoing G20 defence and fundraising visit:

G20 defendant Alex Hundert re-arrested

Alex HundertFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AW@L Media Advisory

G20 defendant Alex Hundert re-arrested, Supporters denounce criminalization

Press Conference: Sat Sep 18 at 9:30 am. Bail Court at Old City Hall (60 Queen W)

September 18, 2010 – Toronto, Mississauga New Credit – G20 defendant and alleged ‘ringleader’ Alex Hundert was arrested by seven Toronto Police and RCMP police officers just outside his father’s home at 10:30 pm on Friday September 17, 2010. Hundert was returning from speaking on a panel at Ryerson University titled “Strengthening Our Resolve: Movement Building and Ongoing Resistance to the G20 Agenda.” Based on Hundert’s participation as an invited panelist at two recent events, the police are alleging that he is in violation of his existing bail condition to not participate in any public demonstration.

According to supporter and No One Is Illegal member Mohan Mishra, “We are outraged at Alex’s re-arrest. He was speaking at a panel discussion in a university classroom alongside professors, which is clearly not a public demonstration. This is yet another attempt to silence Alex, and is a strong indication of the police’s intent to criminalize ideas, dissent, and effective community organizing.”

Hundert is currently facing politically-motivated conspiracy and counseling charges in relation to the Toronto G8/G20 protests. He was pre-emptively arrested at gunpoint in a violent house raid on the morning of June 26th, before the protests began, and is being targeted as a member of the community group AW@L and Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance.

“Though many of our members have been arrested and are facing trumped up charges, our movements will not be silenced. We will continue to organize against the G8 and G20 leaders and their corporate villains that pillage the earth with industrial projects and profit from war,” says Rachel Avery, member of AW@L and a music student at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo.

On July 28, 2010 the Ontario Provincial Police warned Hundert that media interviews he did with CBC radio, Toronto Sun, Vancouver Media Co op, and Rabble were similarly a violation of the no-demonstration bail condition and threatened to re-jail Hundert. A day later at a press conference, Hundert and his supporters defied this media ban and decried the harassment as a blatant violation of his right to free speech as well as a violation of freedom of the press.
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