Anarchy Live!: The Writings of Anarchist Prisoner Michael Kimble

From Anarchy Live!:


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A collection of some of Michael Kimble’s recent writings; plus a new interview with Michael on his life, prison struggle in Alabama, being gay, prison solidarity, recent anti-police struggles, civilization, and anarchy.

“To My Comrades”
“Where Do We Go From Here”
“Up the Ante”
“From Afar”
“To the Carrboro Bookfair”
“Revolution Versus Reform”
June 11th statement

Support the strike at St. Clair Correctional Facility in Alabama!

Today, 48 hours before a peaceful work stoppage starts on Sunday, March 1,
at St Clair Correctional Facility (SCCF) in Springville, Ala., riot police
have been sent to the prison to beat, torture, and intimidate the men
incarcerated at SCCF, whose demands include an end to severe overcrowding
and filthy living conditions.

Here’s how you can support the strike and help stop the brutality against
the prisoners:

1. Call SCCF’s warden, Carter Davenport, at (205)467-6111.
Tell him to stop the retaliation against the prisoners, who have a right to
peacefully protest against their inhumane treatment.

2. Send an email to the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC).. Go to the ADOC’s website, Click contact us and then click constituent services. Type your message, addressing it to Warden Carter Davenport. Before sending your message, please sign it. (You don’t have to give your address.)

3. Spread the word to others. We must flood the prison with phone
calls and the ADOC with email.