From Abdullah Majid: legal defense funds needed


I want to first thank you for your support of political prisoners in the u.s.a. You like many others who write, ask what can you do to help me in my present circumstances? In fact there is something you can do at
this time to aid me in my freedom. Presently a Defense Committee has been established and we are trying to raise funds for my legal defense. I have an attorney as well as an investigator who has recently joined our team.

The assistance most needed at this time is funds to pay for expenses in which we incur for documents and investigative work by our investigator. Those wishing to help can do so by organizing fund raisers, there is no
amount that is to small or to large. And your help is most appreciated and welcome. Funds may be sent to the following”

Abdullah Majid Freedom Campaign
P.O. Box 1274
Bronx, N.Y. 10467
(718) 512 5008
info @

Please make checks or money orders payable to the N.Y.C. Jericho Committee. Please specify what it’s for (i.e. legal defense).

NOTE: Do not send funds to me directly, all funds should be sent to the above address.

Support Abdullah Majid

Abdullah Majid has been in prison for 33 years for a crime he denies committing. After three trials over four years, he and Basheer Hameed (now deceased) were convicted for the murder and attempted murder of two NYPD officers in Queens County, NY.

Abdul is finally scheduled to make his first parole appearance in January 2015. He is asking for your support with letters to the parole board for his release. Abdul is aware that he will be faced with an up hill fight for his freedom due to the NYPD’s unparalleled influence over the parole board. None the less, he has always been a fighter and is not discouraged in spite of the formidable forces he is up against.

Letters to the parole board should be sent to:
New York State Board of Parole
c/o Attorney Moira Meltzer-Cohen; esq.
11 Park Place
Suite # 914
New York, N.Y. 10007

With your support and help we are looking forward to having Abdullah back on the outside after 33 years, with his family, comrades, and friends.

You can write Abdul at:
Abdullah Majid #83-A-0483
Five Points Correctional Facility
State Route 96
P.O.Box 119
Romulus, N.Y. 14541

If you wish to send money, please do not send directly to him. Ask him where it can be sent when you write.