Denver Police nearly storm 27 Social Centre

police27On the night of Thursday, April 25th, as several dozen people were present inside the 27 Social Centre, heavily armed members of the Denver Police Department took up tactical positions outside of the Centre in preparations to raid the building.

People had gathered at 27 for a variety of activities, including a presentation on Tar Sands Resistance in Utah and several small group meetings being hosted at the space. Around 8pm, as the presentations and meetings were well underway, police were spotted congregating outside the rear of the building.

A worker-owner of P&L Printing and a named tenant on the building’s lease opened the main door of the space to observe what the officers were doing. As he opened the door and stuck his head out, a group of heavily armed officers who had taken up a tactical position behind a group of dumpsters behind the building ordered him to put his hands up and approach the officers. When he was within 10 feet of the officers, they ordered him to turn around, put his hands behind his back and walk backwards toward the officers. He was then searched, identified, and questioned.

DPD officers stated that they had received an emergency call that claimed that there were armed people inside the 27 Social Centre who were holding people hostage. After some explanation that this was indeed not the case, the officers lowered their shotgun and M4 rifle. The mood shifted, and the officers radioed their supervisor to give an all clear. They also radioed other officers to stand down. Apparently many more officers were positioned in areas around the Centre and had just been moments away from forcibly entering the space.

After 15 or so minutes of questioning, the supervising officer soon approached, and gave the worker-owner a clear choice: Either let the police into the building to prove to them there was no hostage situation, or watch as the police forcibly entered the building anyway. The choice, unfortunately, seemed clear, and the worker-owner brought 5 police officers into the building. They did not identify anyone else present, nor did they search any part of the building. After walking around for fewer than five minutes, the officers left, seemingly satisfied that there was indeed, no hostage situation.

It would be easy for us to claim this as a simple act of police generated repression. The unfortunate fact of the matter, however, is that this situation is more of an example of what can happen when snitch culture takes hold over communities. We know, for a fact, that there indeed was a call to the police. We do not know the exact details of the call, or even the specific person who made the call, but we do know that this happened. And it is this fact that makes the actions of Thursday night even more troubling.

The events set into motion by an obviously fictitious claim by whomever called the police could have ended much differently than they did. In the end, the actions of the person who called the police could have brought harm to many people. Instead, we were extremely fortunate that the situation was quickly de-escalated and that no one was injured, arrested, or detained, and that the officers left the building without much further incident. As many of us know, the officers of the Denver Police Department have never needed much of an excuse to violently attack, shoot, or murder people in our communities.

Thanks to all the many comrades from across the country (and the world!) who responded to various reports on social media about what was happening. The outpouring of support was amazing and intense, especially as most of it came even as the situation was unfolding.

Love and solidarity to all our friends and comrades!

This Saturday! Secret Cafe Brunch at the 27 Social Centre

Looking for a badass Saturday brunch? Join us for a benefit at the 27 Social Center.

Saturday February 18 11:30am-2:30pm

Food $5-$12 sliding scale.

The menu:

  • Waffles (GF/V)
  • Egg & veggie quiche with a quinoa crust (GF)
  • Biscuits and Gravy (V)
  • Oatmeal w/ topping bar (V/GF)
  • Banana breakfast sundae (V & GF)
  • Drinks available for additional donations.

The 27 Social Center is home to P&L Printing, Denver ABC, Sent(a)mental Studios, Buildup Books, Denver Zine Library, Bread and Roses Workers Cultural Center, Colorado Street Medics, Denver Community Health Collective and Comite en Defense del Pueblo. Our collective projects and events include Printing, Art Showings, Meeting Space for Activist Groups, Film Showings, Political Speakers and Readings, Local Radical Labor History.

The 27 Social Centre Secret Cafe

Come enjoy a delicious brunch that benefits the space Denver ABC calls home: The 27 Social Centre!

What? The 27 Social Centre Secret Cafe Brunch

When? Saturday, February 4th, 11:30am-2:30pm

Where? 27 Social Centre (2727 W. 27th avenue, Unit D)

Food? $5-$12  a plate. The brunch-tatstic menu includes: Egg and Veggie Quiche, Biscuits and Gravy, Waffles, Oatmeal with Topping Bar, and Banana Breakfast Sundaes. Gluten Free and Vegan options available, yummy drinks will be provided for additional donations!

The 27 Social Centre is radical cultural space that houses great people like The Denver Zine Library, Sent(a)mental Studios, P&L Printing, The Denver Community Health Collective, Build Up Books, Bread & Roses, Denver ABC, and the Colorado Street Medics.



April Denver ABC Events

April is a busy month for the Denver Anarchist Black Cross. Here’s a listing of events that Denver ABC is hosting or participating in this month:

Saturday April 2nd, 2pm
Nurturing Liberation room workday!

Join members from Denver ABC as we work to improve the childcare room at the 27 Social Centre. Bring your kids or friends to help paint a mural and to set up the room! We are always in need of games, toys, books, and art supplies!
@ 27 Social Centre (2727 w. 27th Ave Unit D, Denver)

Monday April 4th, 11:30am and 5:30pm
Anti-capitalist contingent at the 4/4 “We Are One” Labor Solidarity protests

The Denver IWW has released a call available at Colorado Indymedia for anti-capitalists to make a strong and united presence at the Labor Solidarity Protests scheduled for April 4.
11:30am- Meet at 17th and California for a march and rally
5:30pm- Major rally at City Park organized by the AFL-CIO
Join us behind the red and black flags and anti-capitalist banners.

Wednesday April 6th, 6:30pm
Monthly Political Prisoner Letter Writing Night: Angola 3

On the first Wednesday of every month, Denver ABC hosts a letter writing night for political prisoners and prisoners of war held captive in the U.S. Everything that you’ll need is provided: Paper, prisoner addresses, pens, envelopes, and even a delicious dinner!
This month we will focus on the cases of the Angola 3, members of the first Black Panther Party chapter active within prison who have been held in solitary confinement for nearly 4 decades.
@ 6th Ave UCC, 6th and Adams, Denver

Saturday April 9th, 3:00pm
Stand with women prisoners resisting abuse!

Last month, members of Denver ABC along with allies confronted guards and administrative officials at the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility in East Denver in response to the recent filing of a lawsuit against the culture of sexual assault and violence at the hands of guards at the facility. We stood with giant banners and signs to show the women at DWCF that they had allies on the outside. They responded with raised fists and pounding on the windows of their cells.
This month, we will go back, and again show our solidarity for the women held captive inside the facility.
@ DWCF, 3600 Havana, Denver

Saturday April 16th, 2pm
Denver ABC Funraiser Cakewalk

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of a Cakewalk, imagine a game of musical chairs combined with bingo, and in the end, you have a chance to win delicious baked goods! Live music provided by Jeff Engelhart, the Free Radicals, and others!
@ Jefferson Park (23rd and Clay) or 27 Social Centre (in case of inclement weather)

Sunday April 17th, 6pm
B-I-N-G-O spells support for the 27 Social Centre!

What could be more fun than shouting “BINGO!”, winning awesome prizes and supporting the 27 Social Center? We can’t think of anything better.
Come try your luck with some rad folks in support of some rad projects. The 27 Social Center is home to:
Bread and Roses
Build Up Books
Comite Defensa del Pueblo
Denver Anarchist Black Cross
Denver Community Health Collective
Denver IWW
Denver Zine Library
Improbable Pictures
P&L Printing
Sent(a)Mental Studios
More info coming soon – for now, save the date and tell all your friends!
@ 27 Social Centre, 2727 w. 27th Ave Unit D, Denver

For more information on any of these events, feel free to contact Denver ABC at