Denver ABC focuses on the contribution to self-defense in the movements for liberation and self-determination that we are a part of.  We have several ongoing projects that people can use and contribute to.

* Anarchist Black Cross Federation Warchest
The ABCF Warchest is a collection of money distributed monthly among a select number of political prisoners and prisoners of the war held in the United States that are in need of economic assistance. Although Denver ABC is no longer a member organization of the Anarchist Black Cross Federation, we still support the ABCF’s work and attempt to donate to the ABCF Warchest when we can.

Denver Anarchist Black Cross Warchest
Aside from contributing to ABCF’s Warchest, Denver ABC also maintains our own Warchest with the funds raised from our annual Running Down The Walls 5k run! Currently our Warchest provides monthly stipends to Dr. Mutulu Shakur, Siddique Abdullah Hasan, and Christopher Monfort. We were formerly sending stipends to Sekou Kambui, but we’re happy to again announce that he was released on June 30th, 2014! We intend to add another prisoner to our Warchest after next years Running Down The Walls!

* Denver Mutual Aid Fund
The DABC Mutual Aid fund is a pool of money made available to members of social movements in need of emergency economic relief for any number of needs, including but not limited to rent or utility assistance, legal support, childcare, medical bills, or other extentuating circumstances.

* Emergency Response Network
The DABC ERN is a text and cell phone based resource for sending out emergency updates of state or paramilitary repression against Denver or area social movements, prisoners, and individuals involved in working for self-determination. Currently not operating, but plans to bring it back are in the works

* Paper Match Periodical
Paper Match is a periodical once put out by Denver ABC.  Previous issues are archived here on the site. There are plans to bring this back soon.

* Political Prisoner Letter Writing Nights
Denver ABC hosts monthly political prisoner letter writing nights on the second Saturday of each month at 6:30pm at the The Beet Box Cafe
1030 E 22nd Ave (between Downing St. and Ogden St.)Denver, CO 80211).

* Jail Support Line
We offer a variety of legal defense initiatives to local radical and revolutionary organizations and efforts. We host an emergency jail support line during major events, offer legal observers and copwatchers, help coordinate bail and release efforts, and offer court observation and support.

7 Responses

  1. hooray for tactical defense!

  2. Greetings of solidarity comrades! Do you all have room for N.W. Chicago A.B.C. in Aug?

  3. Greetings Sisters And Brothers,
    Would you be interested in a Economic Plan that I’ve
    developed for The Poor and Working Poor among us?


  4. Please Consider the fight to keep the internet free and private. CISPA is a serious threat to these. ANYONE interested in internet privacy should checkout the protests in denver. PHYSICAL presence is needed. We need to show everone just how many of us there are. Watch the Video at

  5. Denver showing its Displeasure withCISPA and other attempts to invade our privacy.

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