William James Viehl

According to the BOP, Veihl was released to a halfway house in Salt Lake City sometime in Fall 2010.

William Viehl

William James Veihl and Alex Hall were arrested Thursday 5th March 2009 for  a raid of a South Jordan, UT mink farm in August 2008, and the attempted  raid of a second mink farm in October 2008. Both were being held in Salt  Lake County Jail on charges of Animal Enterprise Terrorism. They were  later bailed on 12th March 2009 until their trial.

In the beginning of July, William Viehl had his bail revoked and was  taken back into custody. Prosecutors allege Veihl had communicated with ALF/ELF prisoners, in violation of his bail terms. And about mid July, Veihl’s co-defendant Alex Hall also had his bail revoked and was taken into custody.

Update 12/20/10 William and Alex are in custody awaiting trial.

Update 4/1/10: William has arrived in prison.  With time served and ‘good time,’ he expects to be released in the fall of this year.

Update 2/7/10: William was sentenced to 2 years in prison under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, 4 times the recommended sentence.

Update: William James Viehl has pled guilty in a non-cooperative plea agreement. Check his site for continuous updates.

Support Site: supportbjandalex.com


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  1. […] who was recently sentenced to 22 years in prison for an ELF arson, is being denied vegan food. And BJ Viehl recently became the first person ever sentenced under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act […]

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