George Wright

George Wright (Jose Luis Jorge dos Santos)

George Wright was arrested in September 2011 in Sintra, Portugal where he had been living in exile as a former Black Liberation Army combatant.

He was released from Portuguese custody after repeated attempts to extradict him back to the United States failed.

In the words of Sketchy Thoughts:

Mainstream news reports state that Wright escaped from prison where he was serving a sentence for murder in 1970. He then apparently joined the BLA, and was one of a group which hijacked a Delta Airlines flight from Detroit to Miami, forcing it to land in Boston, where they exchanged their hostages for 1 million dollars before flying on to Algeria. While the Algerian government did seize the million, Wright and the others were not handed over to the united states. According to these same mainstream news reports, Wright has spent the past forty years living in Africa and then Portugal.


3 Responses

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  2. Hi there, Here is an address where Jorge dos Santos/George Wright can receive mail. He is no longer under house arrest as the Portuguese courts decided against the extradition. That was on November 17th of this year and last week the US has decided to appeal. Of course what else is new…

    Anyways here is an address where he can receive mail. It would be amazing if people can write him letters of support!!

    Jorge dos Santos
    Rua Sampaio e Pina 58 – 3esq
    1070-250 Lisboa

    Thanks so much!

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