Debbie Sims Africa Statement in Support of Palestine

From Debbie Sims Africa of the MOVE 9:

The MOVE 9 are members of the revolutionary MOVE organization imprisoned since 1978 after a police assault on their headquarters in Powelton Village, Philadelphia. In 1985 the government dropped a bomb on the MOVE house on Osage Avenue in Philadelphia, killing 11 people, including 5 children. Salute and solidarity to all our strong, loyal committed revolutionary sisters and brothers in Palestine.

The committed example that you continue to set in your country is being felt by all of us here in the USA too. The Move Organization is generating a united, revolutionary vibration to you and all political prisoners around the world through our unending fight for freedom and justice. We are linked together as one to confront and expose the demon intimidation tactics the oppressor uses to beat down and kill off the fighting spirit in all freedom fighters. We must keep fighting back, no matter what or how things may seem. We are obligated to show others the urgent need for change and guide them in the direction of revolution. We must never let ourselves be divided despite any so-call differences, because finally, we have the most important thing in common our fight against the enemy, the oppressor, the enslaver, this system, and any difference among us is secondary to that. What this system fears most is unity because they know unity is power. Power of the people is the key to bring this system to its knees.

We have committed our lives to revolution. Our men, women, children, our infants have lost their lives, they were murdered by this system. We know all of you have lost family, loved ones, and comrades too. The MOVE 9have been unjustly imprisoned for almost 30 years, we are innocent. But despite our innocence, we’ve been beat jailed and had family members murdered, not because we are guilty of any crime but because we stand up against this rotten, corrupt government and fight for what is right and because we expose these government officials, judges, and police for the diabolical monsters they are. We know all of you have suffered injustices there, the stories we’ve heard affect us personally and pushes us to fight harder, cause while we are located in different parts of the globe we understand and can relate to what you are going through. Stay strong my brothers and sisters and know that we will not let the lives of our family, your family, any freedom fighter be in vain. We will never stop fighting this system. The seed for this revolution is planted, and though we may not cross paths in our life time, our roots will be planted in the same soil. LONG LIVE ALL FREEDOM FIGHTERS LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION!
Ona Move, MOVE

Debbie Sims Africa #506307
451 Fullerton Avenue
Cambridge Springs, PA 16403-1238

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