David McKay

David McKay

David McKay was released from prison in October 2011.

In September of 2008, David Guy McKay was entrapped by an FBI informant at the Republican National Convention for allegedly possessing incendiary devices. He was 22 years old.  To join the campaign to free David visit www.freethetexas2.org

Personal Background

Originally from Midland Texas, David was raised by two entrepreneurs: his mother, a travel agent and his father, a chef who went on to open his own construction business. David attended Leander High School where he actively participated in theatre, choir, football, soccer, and art.

When he graduated and turned 18, David moved to Austin where he began to hone his skills as an artist. He quickly became involved in this new community, finding work as a graphic designer and animator with a local company. David was always actively employed and his resumé includes working as a mover, apartment manager, youth gymnastics instructor, construction worker, and at a locally owned sandwich shop. David’s concerns for his community inspired him to organize a protest to keep the Ku Klux Klan out of his home town of Midland, be an active member of an Austin capoeira group, and work with Environment Texas.

Legal Case

When David was arrested those closest to him knew that the charges brought against him were unusual for his character. As new information surrounding Brandon Darby (the informant who worked with the FBI to arrest David) surfaced, it became clear that David had been entrapped by an older and more experienced activist/provocateur who had his own agenda.





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  1. […] Posted on February 22, 2010 by denverabc Denver ABC has reason to believe that David McKay has been transferred.  We became aware of this today when a piece of mail we sent to him was […]

  2. David McKay has been released.

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