Briana Waters

Briana WatersBrianna Waters

Brianna Waters was released from prison on October 14, 2010 pending a new trial. Brianna has since decided to take a cooperating plea agreement with the state to testify against former comrade Justin Solondz. Because of this, many in the anarchist movement have distanced themselves from Brianna, and she has been labeled a snitch.

Brianna Waters On March 15, 2006, she was falsely accused of participating in a politically motivated arson which took place at the University of Washington in May 2001. Briana steadfastly maintains her innocence. In 2001, she directed a documentary, entitled Watch, which tells the moving true story of a peaceful campaign that built a coalition between environmentalists, loggers, and the residents of Randle, Washington to save the old-growth forest on Watch Mountain.


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