Coyote Sheff

Coyote is a 31-year-old self-defined anarchist who holds his own prison chapter of Anarchist Black Cross in the confines of Nevada’s maximum security prison, Ely State Prison.

In addition to starting a prison chapter of the Anarchist Black Cross, Coyote has organized anarchist reading and discussion groups amongst inmates, as well as exercise groups.  He has written for radical and anarchist publications, including a first-hand account of a prison riot at Ely State Prison.

As of November 8th 2013, Coyote Sheff was finally released this after 18 years of incarceration. He is with family, and is ready to continue his ABC work as soon as he gets to Olympia where he intends on starting another chapter of the Anarchist Black Cross.

Many of Coyote’s writings can be found on his blog, Coyote Calling.

A longer description of Coyote’s organizing has been published in 4 Struggle Mag.  For other writings by Coyote, see:

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  1. See also for links to Coyote’s writings: (Nevada Prisoners’ Newsletter)

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