Eric King is in Florence Co awaiting transfer to an unknown facility

From Support Eric King:


On Friday, January 6th we learned that Eric had been moved to another federal prison in Colorado where he is awaiting  transfer to an unknown prison. This was an unexpected move and we are unsure how long he will be in prison there. The support team has become aware that Eric is being held in the Special Housing Unit, otherwise known as ” the hole”.  While Eric is there he will not be able to access his email and will only be allowed one phone call every 30 days. Not being able to contact his family and friends and being so unsure about his future has to feel pretty terrible for him right now. At every juncture, we arrive at with Eric along this journey there will be times where we may have to step up our support efforts and this is one of them.

Please join us in spreading this message far and wide. Take some time to send letters, cards or printed off articles that you think he might find interesting, and encourage others to do the same. Also, please print off and pass out the support flyer to continue getting the word out about Eric’s plight.

So, here is EKs new address:

Eric King
FCI Florence
PO Box 6000
Floence, CO 81226

And here is the support flyer.

Thanks everyone! Lets keep up the fight!

-EK Support  Crew


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