Pack the court room – Support Coyote Acabo and family

coyote-acaboPlan your trip. Book your flight or map your drive. Comrade Coyote Acabo and his family need our love.

On October 3rd, please join us as we support them though Coyote’s trial. These are tough times as repression doesn’t just affect Coyote, it’s devastating and emotionally draining for his beloveds who rely on him for support. Incarceration has and will, add a tremendous strain on his partner and child, in addition to what they’re already dealing with.

Coyote Acabo is an anarchist of color in Olympia WA, who is facing multiple criminal charges stemming from protests in solidarity with Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin (two black men who were shot in by police in Olympia). On July 19th, while protestors gathered to show solidarity, neo-nazis arrived to disrupt the demonstration and attacked protestors. Coyote, an anti-racist activist, now faces assault related charges and needs all the support we can provide. Please save the date and literally PACK THE COURT ROOM.

When: Monday, October 3rd at 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Where: Thurston County of – Courthouse Complex Information
2000 Lakeridge Dr SW, Olympia, Washington 98502

Support info:

The judge appreciates formal dress so to the extent you feel comfortable please come dressed nice.

-Go to to help support Coyote and his family financially through this.
-Go to to support Andre and Bryson

Please RSVP to the event because there will be a meeting regarding Coyote’s accountability process that we would like to encourage trial attendees to come to as well.

*We ask that supporters be aware that when Coyote is on trial his family is on trial with him. These are devastating and emotionally draining times for his beloveds and those who rely on him for day to day companionship and support. His family is unable to operate as if this were a social event. If you don’t know them, this trial may not be the time to introduce yourself. Please respect their need for space and understand that it isn’t personal.*

* We need help wrapping up some logistics before he serves his next period of time and before any additional sentence is imposed. As of now he plans to turn himself in on the 25th to serve his next 20 days for municipal charges. Specifically we need help: packing up his stuff at the Alley Palace and putting it in storage, as well as figuring out something to do with his van; stockpiling foods; and gathering funds for phone calls etc. And especially during the trial and likely during part of his twenty days, I will need help getting Devon to and from school. An event page will be going up soon specifically for Coyote’s court support. Also, Tyd takes Coyote’s absence really hard and becomes super clingy, so it is really hard to get a lot done when I am flying solo. Any kind of adult interaction helps release some of that pressure, so please reach out. All of this takes an enormous toll on our family, and we genuinely need, and are deeply grateful for, all the help we can get. Thank you so much for being here through this time.



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