Help bring Eric McDavid to Buffalo

Donate Here to help Eric McDavid get to Baffalo:

Eric McDavid, renowned FBI “eco-terrorist” entrapment target, just got off probation and is looking to come to Buffalo and New York state this summer to give a presentation on his case.  This is something we at Burning Books have been looking forward to for many years.

Eric was sentenced to nearly twenty years in prison for participating in conversations about sabotage taken for environmental and anti-capitalist causes. These conversations were instigated and prodded onward by a young woman calling herself “Anna” who was working undercover for the FBI while romantically stringing Eric along. The sabotage at the core of this “conspiracy” was far from being fully formulated and never actually took place.

After a decade in prison, Eric was released when Freedom of Information Act efforts produced documents withheld from the defense at the time of trial, including romantic letters exchanged between Eric and “Anna.”

Eric is looking to make the trip from California to Buffalo, to speak at Burning Books and other regional dates across NY during early August.  His crucial presentation will illuminate the surveillance state and the extent to which the system will go to frame activists as “terrorists.”  Please share this fundraiser and contribute what you can to help make this happen.

The future is what the people struggle to make it.


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