Byron-ChubbuckFrom Free Oso Blanco:

Very Serious Update: We have received information that Oso Blanco has been targeted due to people emailing the regional office. He was put in a 72 hour watch room and is now in a cold cell with only paper shorts and a plastic mattress cover with no mattress!!! All because emails were sent to the bosses of Hazelton USP. It is more important that ever to email them (or call but it has been difficult to get through).

Tell them the above information and let them know that no one has received mail or phone calls from Byron Chubbuck in weeks. Insist that we are allowed to speak with him

Please take sixty seconds of your day and email Hazelton USP at   We have not had success calling this facility but we have had responses by email. In your email, state you are checking in on Byron Chubbuck #07909051. He has not had any rec time in over TWO months. You know that he very much wants his rec time and that he would not turn it down (that is the early excuse – that he’s turning it down). UPDATE: We now know Oso Blanco has a serious injury to his knee. He needs medical attention. Please request it for him (this would be the only reason he might turn down rec opportunities). Also express concerns over his mail, legal and personal, being mishandled.  Also express concerns over his mail, legal and personal, being mishandled.

Your tone can be professional or rude or sweet or whatever but please write to them. It really makes a difference. Also, you may want to cc: your email to the regional office in charge of Hazelton. That email address is mxro/

Phones numbers: Hazelton USP 304-379-5000  Mid-Atlantic Regional Office: 301-317-3100 This is an ongoing campaign so if you are reading this then it is still going 
on and your emails are important and appreciated!!!


~ Artwork and words by Oso Blanco

How can activists and those who struggle for change Fight a Beast and win, if they are feeding it, protecting it, or participating with its life line? Why scream at the people in political offices for fair treatment, when they are public servants not masters. You buy their electrical power,  – you use their gasoline, you use their Zionist Friends privately owned FRN – $. You pay them taxes, you use their running water full of toxic fluoride, you call their police, you even go play their fraudulent voter games… Your helping the Beast destroy the Earth and enslave the masses. You are the one who gives the power to the Beast, you claim to struggle against. No wonder the Beast is deaf. It has all it needs. Why should it be humane? When you volunteer into your own slavery and pay for your chains.
Wake up and see the true reality.


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