Chuck Africa – Statement on Violence Against Women

Organize to Stop the Rapes, Kidnappings and Killings of Women on the Canadian/U.S. Border

February 2016

A article written by Sarah Scott for the Feb-Mar. 2016 edition of Freedom Socialist Party newspaper has torn my heart to shreds and weighted my mind with perpetual grief. She writes of the vicious attacks on women residing in the Prince George and Prince Rubert sections of British Columbia, Canada.

Many activists have called on us to do all that we can to stop this genocide. We must unify our effort wherever we can because the governments don’t care. As reported, women are routinely kidnapped and raped while traveling to and from places of work or to stores; many hitch-hike because of their extreme levels of poverty. Poverty forces them to travel long distances for necessities. Also there are women forced into sex work and untold numbers of serial killings occur on the so-called “Highway of Tears”- a section of highway between Prince George and Prince Rubert.

Ms. Scott reports that after 700 recommendations made into the disappearances of thousands of women, 89% of them were ignored. We can’t expect justice from the politicians, or the police, since even female members of the Canadian Royal Mounted Police have complained of sexual harassment by their policemen colleagues. I agree with the reporter that the government must be pressured into action; but more than that we have to do all that we can to not only expose it to the public worldwide but to stop it!

A recent trial also reported in the article underscores the graveness of the genocide taking place. In that case, a man was acquitted in the bleeding death of Cindy Gladue who suffered a brutal four inch tear to her vagina and bled to death in a hotel bath tub. We have to join our voices, energy and muscle with those already fighting for these women.

Please, let’s come up with ways to have some effective actions towards this struggle. I think from the start there has to be a) education about the situation, b) finding ways to creatively bring about an immediate halt to the violence, and c) never let the government rest as long as these atrocities are happening.

Brainstorm with each other and let’s do something about this. I am in prison and can do but so much from here. My voice is what I have now and I hope we can see this situation addressed as thoroughly and militantly as we do racism, economic issues, etc. Finally, to all women (in the region spoken of and everywhere), please try to travel with at least one other person if possible. And to all those identifying as men, WHERE THE HELL ARE Y’ALL AT?!

End all violence against women!
Long Live John Africa!
-Chuck Africa

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Write to Chuck:

Chuck Sims Africa
SCI Dallas
1000 Follies Rd.
Dallas, PA 18612

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