Message from Chuck Africa


The Earth First! Prisoner Support Project received the following message from imprisoned member of the Move 9, Chuck Africa.  The Move organization’s early protests centered around the use of animals in zoos and circuses, which have become a stronger force in the last few decades.  Chuck’s message comes on the heels of the announcement on January 11th that all eleven elephants now touring with the three Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus units will be “retired” to the company’s 200-acre Center for Elephant Conservation by May 2016.  Apparently, the decision hinged on the fact that several cities and counties have passed ‘anti-circus’ and ‘anti-elephant’ ordinances, and President Kenneth Feld said it is expensive to fight legislation in each jurisdiction and difficult to plan tours amid constantly changing regulations.  While seemingly a call for celebration at first glance, the back story is that instead of performing, the elephants will merely become part of an ongoing cancer research project.  That’s not exactly ‘retirement.’  Altogether Ringling has 42 elephants, two of which are on loan to zoos, and the circuses will still torture tigers, lions, horses, dogs and camels.  Rodeos are yet another form of entertainment that abuses animals.  Chuck Africa can receive mail at the address listed below.

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“End all cruelty against animals in rodeo shows and competitions where calves, bulls and horses are choked, tied and lassoed, and terrorized for entertainment purposes!

I write this to call on all elements of all movements fighting for the planet and animal rights as well as and against injustices (police brutality, economic disparities, racism, etc.) and political prisoners to help us explore new ways to mount campaigns against the callous practice of rodeo shows.

When I happened across the channel FS1 on the TV, I cannot believe my eyes at the insensitivity displayed and that may are not going ballistic over this madness.  Where is the outrage?  And I apologize to those that are and have been doing work in this area.  I’m sure that it isn’t new.  It just affects my sensibilities to see it and I only observe now to find out more information on the powers controlling it (the sponsors, etc.).  In the joint I’m in, it appears on channel FS1.

While I realize that many areas of protect are just as important, I just hope to generate more action toward this.  Please give me (and trade among comrades) some suggestions.  I am limited in here, but I still want to help and encourage those I network with to protest this brutality and torture of these innocent animals.

Frightened calves are let out of a gate and chased by a man on a horse who whips a rope around their neck, yanking the calf’s neck and then ties their legs as the animal is petrified during this traumatic and painful experience.  Bulls are ridden in an enclosed area by competitors who wish to last the longest before the bull bucks him off.  These animals are being tormented and enslaved in a small enclosure, and no doubt when a rider gets trampled or falls beneath the animal the animal is then further punished.

Let’s unify our efforts wherever we can to continue to fight and develop new tactics for stopping the enslavement of all life.

Free all political prisoners,
Support political prisoners wherever they are,
Support Janet, Janine, and Debbie Africa, Rebecca Rubin, Chelsea Manning and Robert Seth Hayes,
On a move,”

Chuck Africa #AM-4975
SCI Dallas
1000 Follies Road
Dallas, PA 18612


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