Join the Fight to #FREEKeithLaMar

From Lucasville Amnesty:

Keith LaMar is wrongfully on death row. He recently ended his 9-day hunger strike against cruel restrictions at the Ohio State Penitentiary after the warden agreed to meet his demands.

But the much larger fight is still ahead of us. We are asking you to join the fight to #FREEKeithLaMar. 
We are launching a social media campaign to spread the word far and wide that Ohio hid the evidence that proves Keith’s innocence. We must call for freedom not death. 
We ask you to join us in this fight by:
  1. Watching and sharing this 2-minute video calling people to join the fight to #FREEKeithLaMar:
  2. Helping us grow the campaign by posting your own #FREEKeithLaMar photo with a strong message on social media (watch the video to get a sense of the images we are going for or see below)
  3. Forward this email to your own network and contacts. 
Guidelines for taking a photo:
Please keep it a serious sign which includes a message and the hashtag #FREEKeithLaMar.
Some examples of messages include:

Keith = Ohio’s scape goat

Freedom not death!
Ohio hid the evidence
State sanctioned murder

It truly will require a mass of people supporting him together to make the kind of impact he needs. Join us in this fight to #FREEKeithLaMar!



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