Support Muhammad and Emad

From FireWorks:


Emad and Muhammad are two local youths facing trumped up felony charges in the SF Bay Area. Muhammad, sixteen years old, was arrested with his brother Emad in October of last year at a Muslim religious festival. They as well as their families were subject to prejudicial harassment and treatment by police, who along with the DA saw to it both young men would face felony Strike charges in spite of having no prior criminal history, and no credible evidence whatsoever against them.

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In spite of all this, the DA is insisting on pressing ahead in hopes of draining their financial and emotional resources until they plead out to fictional crimes under the pressure.

Muhammad, now seventeen, is currently preparing to go to trial. He is in college, works full-time to help support a family of eight, and has paid for his own defense out of pocket from his own work since the time of his arrest. He spent over a week in juvenile hall and six months on house arrest with an ankle monitor, already for this baseless charge, which is the first he has ever faced in his life. The court further expects him to pay thousands for the ankle monitor they forced him to wear.

Now he will be facing a brand new round of lawyers’ fees. Both Emad and Muhammad are well-respected members of the local Sunni Muslim community going back two generations, and full-time community college students deeply involved in grassroots organizing and local activist causes.

Muhammad has already paid $10,000 for his lawyer, while others are asking for $20-25,000 to represent Emad. So far, they’ve raised $5,000 or $6,000 in donations.

Please donate generously to keep these young men free. All donations will go directly to the legal expenses of their case.

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