Delbert Africa Solidarity Week

Move 9 Parole:

Some time during the month of June 2015 our brother Delbert Africa will be making an appearance before the PA Parole Board. This will be Delbert’s first appearance since being denied in June of 2013. Delbert like other Move members were denied parole by the board based upon these reasons as states in his parole denial sheet:

Your minimization/denial of the nature and circumstances of the offenses committed.

Your refusal to accept responsibility for the offenses committed.

Our brother Delbert and the rest of our family in prison are innocent they need not accept responsibility and show remorse for something they did not do and this system and it’s officials know our family is innocent. At this point our family has nothing to explain to the Parole Board. The Parole Board is in a position now where they have explaining to do.

Why is it that Leslie Grey a former police officer who has VERY STRONG TIES to law enforcement communities in Pennsylvania be allowed to make a decision and vote on Delbert being granted parole? This is a blatant conflict of interest, this is the same woman who in December of 2014 voted on giving our brother Michael Africa a five year parole hit.

Parole Board members Michael Green and Jeffrey Imboden are appointees of Edward Rendell. Rendell being the former Governor of Pennsylvania, the former Mayor of Philadelphia, and the former District Attorney of Philadelphia whose office prosecuted the Move 9 in 1980 for the murder of police officer James Ramp.

Yet another clear conflict of interest that the Parole Board will not acknowledge yet they want Move people to accept guilt for something they did not do. Your help is needed now, we have to keep the pressure on the Parole Board for the release of Delbert.

From June 1st – 5th we are asking people to flood the phone lines of the PA Parole Board for Delbert Africa Solidarity Week. People can call the Parole Board (717) 772-4343.

Call and inquire into why:

(1) Leslie Grey a former police officer who is new to the parole board and obviously has a clear bias against the Move Organization, allowed to vote over whether Delbert receives parole or not.

(2) Michael Green and Jeffrey Imboden, who were both appointed to the Parole Board by the same man who prosecuted Move in 1980, Edward Rendell.

Delbert has the recommendation of the prison for parole and also has a home plan and employment set up for him upon his release from prison so this is now in our hands. So again, this entire week let’s keep the pressure on the Parole Board. Again you can reach the Parole Board at (717) 772-4343 and demand parole for Delbert (Orr) Africa Am -4985.

Ona Move

The Justice And Accountability Campaign

For More Info People can go to
Facebook/Justice for the move 9

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