Denver Community Organizer Arrested – Call out for Jail Solidarity

May 5th, 2015 11am
UPDATE! Dave has been bonded out, and is out of jail. Thank you everyone. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.
much love
May 4th,2015 Denver
Denver community organizer Dave Strano has been arrested again in the wake of Wednesday’s Baltimore Solidarity protest.  He was originally arrested with misdemeanor charges of interference, resistance and assault. He was bonded out on Thursday morning and released later that day. He was pulled over tonight at 5:30pm with his children in the car, after DPD followed him home. It appears that immediately after his release on Thursday, DPD changed his charges from misdemeanor to felony assault on an officer and issued a warrant. 
At the Baltimore solidarity protest on Wednesday night, police attacked the protesters on the sidewalk and in the park, cornering them between motorcylces and busses and maliciously pepper spraying the crowd, including 12 year old children.
Dave was assaulted and received injuries by the police, including a gash to his head, a broken clavicle and a twisted knee. He was take to the hospital where he was left shackled to the bed covered in pepper spray, and they refused to provide him with crutches after 8 hours. His friends were able to to bring crutches to the jail so that he could walk when he was finally released.
In the past few months Denver police have been issuing felony assault charges to people they themselves have assaulted during protests. These charges are then reduced or dropped later for lack of evidence. The police have been recorded many times lying about what happened, and then being disproved with video evidence.
It is a corrupt intimidation tactic to silence people who are speaking out against police murder.
Dave is currently in custody with a bond of $5,000. 
We will be gathering at the Van Cise Simonet Detention Center at 9pm tonight (Monday) in solidarity to wait for his fingerprints to clear. Please be aware that this is not at all intended to disrupt the jail proceedings, please be respectful of Dave’s family in order to learn as much as we can about his current condition and status. 
If you would like to donate to the Denver ABC bond/jail support fund please do so through our fundly
or paypal

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