Updates on Sean’s situation plus Vengence for Dr Death

Hello Swainiacs!

It’s been a few weeks since we sent any info about Sean’s situation and a lot has happened. Of course Sean has documented it all with his usual literary flourishes. Also, we’ve heard an interesting story and thought of some ways to repay Dr James Kline for screwing Sean around last month. Check it out!

1. Sean was coerced into cancelling his hunger and med strike by prison doctor James Kline. http //seanswain.org/the-long-delayed-conclusion-medical-observation-in-the-dark/. After posting that update, we heard from friends of another prisoner who Dr Kline is doing even worse than he did Sean. More on that, and action suggestions below.

2. Sean has been transferred to SOCF in Lucasville. http://seanswain.org/prison-bus-to-shitville/ At this point all of his property has been returned to him and things are “normal”. Phone calls are still more than twice as expensive as they were at OSP, so donations are always appreciated. http://seanswain.org/donate/

3. If helping pay for phone calls isn’t inspiring enough reason to donate, check out this mega awesome fundraising appeal: http://seanswain.or /86423-14/

4. Federal Judge Benita Pearson decided that the ODRC can block Sean’s access to video visits indefinitely. She doesn’t like Sean’s attitude. http://seanswain.org/open-letter-to-a-federal-judge-on-burning-down-the-ohio-statehouse/ This is the same judge who’ll be deciding the A12M civil action. We’re hoping she takes that situation a bit more seriously.

5. Chip in to some support work. Ben Turk is sorta swamped and about to leave the country for a couple weeks (he’ll be presenting on Sean’s struggles at an event for anarchists in Barcelona!). Sean is a very prolific factory of ideas and projects. If you’d like to get involved and pick up some slack, just contact Ben. insurgent.ben@gmail.com.

6. Here’s the scoop on Dr James Kline. Short story, he’s demonstrating his sadistic relish for patient agony by refusing to treat a guy’s hernia or prescribe anything other than ibuprofen. If you think Dr Death shouldn’t be treating the captives of the state of Ohio, please help us get him fired.

Contact ODRC Director Gary Mohr and ask him to stop employing negligent medical professionals to mistreat his captives. ODRC Central Office- 614-752-1150.

Write letters:
Gary Mohr, ODRC Director
770 West Broad Street,
Columbus, Ohio 43222

Email: drc.publicinfo@odrc.state.oh.us

More details and other fun ways to pressure Dr Kline are online here: http://seanswain.or /fuckweasel-james-dr-death-kline-needs-to-lose-his-job/

– – – – – – – – – –

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