Justice for Sharod Kindell

From denverautonomousaction.wordpress.com
Call-in campaign for Sharod Kindell, currently being held in solitary confinement in Denver City Jail in desperate need of medical care.

There has also been a noise demo called for at 4PM by his family, at the Denver City Jail. For more information click here

Mainstream media coverage on Sharod has been virtually non-existent. We are asking for folks to call the Denver City Jail and demand the following utilizing a firm though polite tone so as not to negatively impact Sharod’s legal situation.

Please call the Denver City Jail at 720 337 0400 or 720 337 0196 and demand:

  • Immediate Release & To have all trumped up charges dropped
  • Clean clothes & Underwear (Sharod has been in the same blood stained garments for a week)
  • Adequate medical care & pain meds (Sharod was released prematurely and against medical advice, he is intense pain from DPD gunshots throughout his body and his wounds are not being adequately cared for)
  • Sanitary living quarters (His cell is unsatisfactory he is being forced to change linens himself and he does not have use of his hand.We are concerned about how this will impact his health)

What we know from his family:

According to folks who were on the scene; On January 9th at 7:45 pm Sharod was pulled up on by the police and when police began detaining him he asked them “what have I done? I know my rights.” It is then alleged that the cops immediately reached into his car and opened the door and pulled him out of his car. At the time the car was in reverse and when he was pulled out of his car the car hit an officer and they are charging him with assaulting the police.

According to eye witness testimony upon surrendering he was shot 4 times and over 12 shots were heard. He was surrendering with his hands up. Once through the palm, once in the arm, once in the groin(this wound remains open and oozing) and once in the leg (his femoral artery was hit and he almost bled out). He spent a very short time at Denver Health before they released him to the jail where he has sat in solitary ever since. He is in serious pain and needs medication. His family is requesting that we wage a call-in campaign against the jail and demand that he get medication for the pain he is in and better conditions.

One Response

  1. My prayers go to him and his family!
    Free Sharod Kindell.. A good man and has always thought of others before himself!!!

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