Interfaith Rally to Stop Legal Lynching in Seattle – Black Man Found Guilty of Escaping Lynch Mob! –

Thursday, November 13, 2014
Seattle Municipal Court (600 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104)

Longtime Seattle anti-racist activist, Matt E (aka MC Bypolar The Toxic Cherub) goes in for his sentencing hearing at 9am at Seattle Municipal Court on 5th and James, downtown Seattle on Thursday November 13th. The sentencing is for guilty verdicts he has from escaping a lynch mob over a year ago. Three others have also been arrested and charged with Contempt of Court for their vocal support of Matt E during the racist, unfair trial. This whole thing is a blatantly clear example of white supremacy, as the state (police & the courts) have worked in collaboration with a racist vigilante mob in an attempt to destroy the life of yet another Black person.

For full story, see video
and read 

Tentative schedule:

8-9am Morning/breakfast gathering
Gather outside of courthouse for light communal breakfast and ceremony, prayer, meditation and ritual from various faith communities*.

9am- ? Matt E goes in for sentencing hearing.

1130am-1230pm Lunch gathering
Rally, speaking and further contributions from faith communities. Update on Matt E’s status.

430pm + Evening rally
Update on Matt E’s status. Decide together community responses to results of sentencing hearing. Further contributions from faith communities welcomed.

*Please contact if you would like to participate in some spiritual capacity. We are looking for people of all faith traditions. To contribute to in this respect, one need not belong to a formal religion or spiritual tradition. If you have something you believe in and you make your life about that belief, so long as it is not something fascist, please get in touch if you would like to share.

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