F.A.M./F.M.M. Radio Show Tonight!

From F.A.M.

Join Free Alabama-Mississippi Movement United tonight, Sept. 1st at 7 P.M. (Central) on our blogtalkradio show “The People’s Platform,” as we start our series “We Got Power.” To join, dial 646-716-4936 (or visit BlogTalkRadio). We are scheduled to be joined by a special guest from California tonight, Bro. Malik El Ghandi, as we begin to educate the People as to why we MUST organize a plan around the economic structure of the modern slave empire called Department of Corrections.

This is an ongoing radio show with 28 episodes already archived. The link will be available on our blog under “Ongoing Campaigns.”


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  1. http://wp.me/p1lJ77-1nS Carl Dix: The Killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, interview “Order, Obedience, Compliance are not Protesting” We Stand With the Defiant Ones

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