Urgent Support Needed for family of youth murdered by Denver cops!

Donation link: http://www.gofundme.com/bm8kg8

On July 2, 2014 20 year old Ryan Ronquillo was repeatedly shot by Denver
Police in the parking lot of the Romero Family Funeral Home in Northwest
Denver during a funeral service.

While attending a friend’s funeral service, Ryan stepped out to decompress
and sit in his parked car. Police stormed the area, speeding several
unmarked cars into the parking lot. In a matter of seconds, Ryan was dead,
shot nearly a dozen times by multiple officers.

Police allege that they were in the process of serving a warrant for
“auto-theft and other felonies”, and that Ryan “started to back the car in
the direction of officers”. Statements from witnesses are at odds with the
police statements. Witnesses at the scene desribe a horrific chaotic mess.
Many in attendence did not even know who the individuals shooting at Ryan
were, let alone that they were even police officers.

Other witnesses claim that Ryan was left to die, choking on his own blood,
as police denied medical help at the scene and instead waited for
paramedics to arrive before any aid was administered.

Ryan was unarmed and suspected of participating in non-violent offenses.
Although police considered him a “flight risk”, no statements from Denver
officials or the police indicate that there was any suspicion of Ryan
being dangerous or armed.

Police claim that they had been following him all day in an effort to
serve the warrant. They claim that they chose the funeral, where dozens of
people, including many small children were in attendence, because it
proved “tactically beneficial”. In the end, instead of a peaceful arrest
anywhere else, people who were already in the process of mourning one lost
youth had to witness the murder of another.

Following Ryan’s death, his family was not even contacted by Denver police
or officials. They had to find out about the death of their son from his
friends and media reports.

As the quest for justice begins, Ryan’s family needs desperate help paying
for his funeral and burial. Any amount, no matter how large, or how small
would go a long way to beginning the process of bringing peace to his

Any excess donations over the requested amount will go toward other
expenses incurred by the family, including missing work, and hiring an

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Saturday: Solidarity Rally With the Free Alabama Movement

This Saturday, July 19th, Denver ABC will be hosting a solidarity rally with F.A.M. to match their rally outside of St. Clair’s prison in Alabama. Not only is this a protest against the overcrowded and crumbling prisons in Alabama, but also a rally in support of F.A.M.’s spokesmen, one of whom is currently in solitary at St. Clair.

fam solidarity flier

We will be joining F.A.M. in calling for a mass release of prisoners to alleviate the severe overcrowding prisoners across Alabama are facing. See freealabamamovement.com for more information on the situation in Alabama prisons and the prisoner movement to combat the abhorrent conditions.

From F.A.M.:

Melvin Ray(a law clerk at St. Clair Correctional Facility) and Robert Earl Council(a law clerk at Holman Correctional Facility) put together a LAWSUIT, a BOOK and a collection of VIDEO’S & PICTURES accurately depicting the horrid living conditions within the Alabama Department of Corrections. This compilation became known as the FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT. Inspired by their efforts, in January of 2014 over 2,500 incarcerated men-at 3 different institutions- exercising their 1st Amendment Rights, began a NON VIOLENT & PEACEFUL PROTEST against their inhumane living conditions, in the form of a Work Stoppage. From January 1 – 22, 2014 there was not one act of violence, as the men peacefully and respectfully demanded that they be treated like human beings. However, rather than address the legitimate HUMAN, CIVIL & CONSTITUTIONAL grievances- For STANDING UP & SPEAKING OUT against the inhumanities being inflicted upon Alabama’s 27,000 plus Incarcerated Citizens- The Alabama Department of Corrections labeled Melvin Ray and Robert Earl Council as “THREATS TO THE SECURITY OF THE ADOC” and placed them in Solitary Confinement indefinitely. This is the Alabama Department of Corrections attempt to silence these Men and to stop the Movement. But Truth crushed to the Earth shall rise again and if God be for you, who can be against you. We stand with these brothers and the thousands of other men and women that make up the Movement. FREE ALABAMA

If you can’t make the rally, you can still aid F.A.M.’s efforts. Call or email the Governor’s office and the Alabama D.O.C. in support of a mass release! Some points to mention:

-Alabama’s prisons were built to hold 14,000 prisoners. Today, they hold 28,000. In other words, AL

prisons are operating at about 200% capacity statewide.

In 2011, the Supreme Court case Brown v. Plata effectively required the State of California to

remove 46,000 prisoners from its prisons. They were required to cut the prison population

down to 137.5 percent of “design capacity.”

-California’s DOC was sued while running its state prisons at around 185% capacity.

-Overcrowding the AL prisons has added to other existing problems, such as pests, mold, bad food,

lack of medical care for prisoners, as well as tension and violence between prisoners with no space to live.

You can contact the Governor’s Office and the Alabama DOC here:

The AL Governor’s Office, Governor Robert Bentley: 334-242-7100

Link to email Governor Bentley:

AL Dept. of Corrections, Central Office: 334-353-3883

AL Dept. of Corrections, Commissioner Kim Thomas: 334-353-3870

Email, AL Dept. of Corrections: Constituent.Services@doc.alabama.gov