Denver June 11 report back 2014


June 11th 2014, Denver, CO – There were many ideas floating around, but we thought we try something new to Denver. A J11 solidarity march through our town. Ten supporters began arriving at the corner of 16th St. and Arapahoe St. We assembled a banner and started passing out literature. We started with 1000 flyers and stickers. The stickers of an upside down cop car on fire were obviously desirable to just about anyone. Almost everyone who took a sticker, also took flyers about Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, and all long-term anarchist prisoners.

Soon we had mobile sound to attract more attention, and have some fun as well. Police started driving by and looked baffled. At one point they stopped ask for the music volume to turn down. It was never turned down, and actually increased from here. The pigs then drove around in circles and did nothing.

The march took way. We travelled down 16th street, making a couple stops on the way to Broadway, handing out literature the whole way. Several interested walk by’s stopped to engage in discussion about what was going on. All was well received. We also received “thank you” a good number of times, as well as people wanting to get more involved. The march turned onto Broadway, music full blast, for another two miles. By the time we arrived in the South Broadway area, it was getting dark. We posted up and continued the solidarity until almost all of our materials were gone. We were even given a small donation, which went to postage for our June 11 theme letter writing event, three days later.

At our event on the 14th, we met at Beet Box Bakery Cafe. Here we  hosted our yearly June 11 letter writing night. The event stated with food and a presentation. We spent the rest of the time writing letters to Eric, Marie, and several other long-term anarchist prisoners of war.

Denver ABC will be giving donations to Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, Doug Wright, Miguel Balderos, Bill Dunne, Michael Kimble, Casey Brezik, Sean Swain, and Jeremy Hammond.



Denver ABC