Post Release: Support Brendon Valdez!

Hey Comrades,

Brendon Valdez, a young anarchist prisoner and parent currently incarcerated in a Seward, Alaska maximum security prison, will be released in 40 days and needs our support.

Brendon became radicalized indirectly through association with me, Coyote Sheff, while I was still incarcerated in Ely State Prison in Nevada, and directly through my previous partner, Linda Honey, whom Brendon now calls Nana.

On May 7th , 2014, 16 prisoners on Brendon’s unit went on a complete food strike. For reasons unknown, Brendon has been accused of initiating the “uprising”, and on May 8th he was taken in shackles to seg with no written explanation and no paperwork outlining disciplinary proceedings. Brendon is now denied personal property, use of the phone or showers, etc. Throughout this incident he has not been violent, demanding, or made a disturbance of any kind.

On April 7th, 2014 Brendon’s seven year old daughter, Samantha, experienced a traumatic brain injury that has reduced her to life support with 6% brain activity. As California is the best place for Samantha to receive medical care suited to her needs, Brendon will relocate to California post-release. He will need financial support, emotional support, housing assistance, and lasting connections with anarchists on the outs, especially anarchist parents who may be able to understand the anguish of this moment in his parenting journey.

Letters of encouragement and support can be sent to the following address (just please remember that Brendon will be released in July):

Brendon Valdez #531930
Spring Creek Correctional Center
3600 Bettecato Ave
Seward, AK 99664

Donations can be made here:

In solidarity and respect,

Coyote and T.T. Jax


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