Call-in for Sekou Kambui

Call-in to demand Sekou’s parole, from Houston ABC. Call in the two days leading up to the hearing on the 18th, and keep the pressure on! Free Sekou and all Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War!


Anyone who supports or is willing to support Sekou Kambui:
On the Monday and Tuesday before his parole hearing (June 16th and 17th), people all over the country will be calling in to the following numbers to support Sekou in his parole efforts. Please reach out to the Alabama Board of Pardons and Parole at one of the following numbers:
General: 334-353-8067
Legal Division: 334-242-8711

You could also send an email to the following address for the executive director of the board of pardons and paroles:

Finally, you could fax to: 334-353-1157.

Here is a link for the Alabama Pardon and Paroles website (

Sample Script

Please add any information that is personal or relevant at your discretion.

“Hi, I was calling with regards to the upcoming parole hearing for Sekou Kambui, also known as William Turk, inmate number 113058A. I am calling to request that Sekou be granted parole. He has served over 40 years for a crime that no evidence ever conclusively linked him to. In fact, many of those who testified against him have since come forward stating they were coerced to do so. This is a great injustice and Sekou should be allowed to live the rest of his days in peace. Again, please grant parole to Sekou. This may be his last chance. Thank you.”

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