Police Raid Idle No More Encampment in New Brunswick, Arresting 1


Over the last two weeks there have been escalating actions of Idle No More throughout Turtle Island, against environmental colonization and industrial imperialism. If you haven’t been caught up, Here’s a bookface link to browse the most recent chain of events: https://www.facebook.com/IdleNoMoreCommunity

The most recent news came early this morning in New Brunswick, when about 50 “Royal Canadian Mounted Police” descended on the weeks-long blockade consisting of residents, and members of the Mi’kmaq First Nation. Sources at the scene say Molotov cocktails flew out of the encampment and at least one person has reportedly been arrested. The Texas-based company Southwestern Energy (SWN) wants to colonize the area, but direct actions and civil disobedience have halted development since early summer. Route 134 has been shut down for the last two weeks, a route that is vital for the transportation of equipment for SWN. (More info here)

“This barricade that has been happening here at SWN resource compound has been costing the company an upwards of $60,000 per day, which is what they have stated in their court proceedings.” – Suzanne Patles, Mi’kmaq Warrior Society

Video Call Out for Action:


One Response

  1. I would not call it an Idle No More event. If you look at the history of this resistance and the influences of settlers, mi’kmaq warrior society and even the indian act band council, it is far from a struggle under the banner of a campaign. Thanks for reporting on this struggle so far from home.

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