Listing updated to reflect Chelsea Manning’s decision to publicly announce being trans-gendered

chelseaAs of August 22, 2013, all references to PFC Manning will be changed to acknowledge that PFC Manning now uses the name Chelsea Manning. The gender identity of Chelsea has been, for some time now, a heated issue within many circles, as there was much evidence to support that Chelsea is indeed transgender and identified as a woman and used she/her pronouns to describe herself. However, there was much contention from support teams that she wanted to still be referred to as Bradley and publicly gendered as a man with he/his pronouns, to avoid this issue dominating the legal case that she faced.

However, on August 22, Chelsea publicly announced her true identity, and her wishes for people to start to accept her transgender reality, rather than continue to try to cover it up. It is our understanding, however, that as far as the military is concerned, for mailing purposes, mail should still be addressed to “PFC Bradley Manning” although any salutations in letters or cards should be directed as “Chelsea”. As more news develops on this and the situation gains clarity, we will update any and all descriptions of Chelsea on our website, as we can.

In solidarity with Chelsea and all her struggles,

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