Atlanta Comrade Jailed After Allegedly Defending Himself from Hate Crime

Received from Atlanta ABC:

A comrade in Atlanta is currently facing five charges of felony aggravated assault with a weapon after defending himself against a hate motivated attack.

The media is currently slandering him and portraying him as a crazed unstable attacker but supporters have drafted a counter narrative that is included below. Please forward this and post it so that we can get support

We are looking for funds to help with legal defense, and for his commissary. Luke is vegan so if anyone has information how to help him get vegan food while in jail please let us know.

He is currently in jail with no bond.

As of now no specific site is created by those supporting Luke but the Atlanta Black Cross page will be updating information as we get it.

In Love and Rage,



It has been reported in the press that Luke O’Donovan, 19, went on a
“stabbing rampage” at a New Year’s Eve party in Reynoldstown, a
neighborhood in Atlanta, GA. This is not accurate. The events that
occurred were the result of Luke O’Donovan desperately defending himself
against a clear act of queer-bashing that included Luke being stabbed in
the back.

Some facts of the situation remain unclear, but the events that have been
reported thus far are inaccurate. Narratives have described Luke
O’Donovan, 19, as having returned to a house party that he had been kicked
out of. The reports state that Luke returned with a knife and stabbed one
person, and then 4 others who attempted to subdue Luke.

As multiple witnesses have testified and will testify, Luke was never
kicked out of the party and did not leave. He remained at the house where
the party was occurring up until the incident. This basic fact, and the
fact that it has been misrepresented, changes the story as it has been
reported thus far. Luke is being portrayed as having gone on a nearly
unfounded “stabbing rampage” comparable to recent mass killings. This is
false. Luke did not go to the party intending to initiate conflict with
anyone. Just fifteen minutes before the fight, Luke was present in the
living room of the house, having a pleasant and friendly conversation with
other people at the party.

Although the exact sequence of events is unknown at this point, it is
clear that Luke was attacked by several people at one time and retaliated
in self-defense in an attempt to escape the attack. Several witnesses have
reported watching between 5 and 12 men mobbing up on Luke and stomping on
his head and body with the intent to kill him. The people who were stabbed
during the conflict were not attempting to end the fight with Luke. The
altercation was never limited to Luke and one other person, but involved
several people mobbing up on him.

The motivations of the attack on Luke seem to originate in the fact that
he had been seen dancing with and kissing other men earlier at the party.
Luke was repeatedly insulted with homophobic slurs throughout the night.
The men who attacked Luke are known to have exhibited homophobic language
and behavior in the past. Luke was called a faggot during the fight. This
provides clear evidence that the attack on Luke was in some way motivated
by homophobia and perpetrated by multiple men while Luke was alone.

Luke is currently the only person involved in the fight who is in jail. We
do not support the prison industrial complex, talking to the police, or
snitching. We do not believe that the other side of the fight should be
imprisoned, but rather that the incident should be resolved outside of the
institutions of the State.

For letters of support and books for Luke, his address is

Luke Patrick O’Donovan
901 Rice Street
Atlanta, GA 30318-4938

For Luke’s book wish list,

For donations,

To contact Luke’s support team,

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