Chicago: Alex C-G arrested, held after NYE noise demo outside Cook County Jail

From The Bail/Legal Support for Alex Wepay site:

On New Year’s Eve, our friend Alex C-G was violently arrested at a noise demonstration in solidarity with prisoners at Cook County Jail. Alex will have a bond hearing on New Years Day @ 11am @ 26th and California, and we intend to bond them out as quickly as possible.

Alex is active in Palestine solidarity work through Punks Against Apartheid, has worked with youth in Chicago, and has supported past solidarity actions for prisoners.

All money raised will go directly to bailing Alex out and to any legal expenses incurred. We know that Cook County Jail is a horrific place to spend New Years, and we want to free Alex as quickly as possible. Thank you for your support!

UPDATE as of 1/1/2013 12pm: We have found that Alex was taken to Maywood last night, which is the HQ of the Cook County Sheriffs Dept. There is no holiday bond court in Maywood, and they were not brought to 26th and California today, so it seems that the earliest bond hearing will be Wed Jan 2nd. An NLG lawyer will try to visit Alex this afternoon and also get more info on what the charges may be and the time and place for the bond hearing. Thank you to all who have donated and spread the word!

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