Update on Sergey

From Free Sergey:

Sergey appeared in court today, but in a holding room where the judge can only see them through a TV. Their physical condition, after being in the medical unit, seemed to be not serious, but exactly what their condition is and what they did to them is still not clear.

Some of the charges, including attempted arson, attempt to elude, and obstructing governmental administration, have all been disposed, leaving Sergey with possession of a destructive device (C felony), criminal mischief 2 (A misdemeanor), disorderly conduct 2 (B misdemeanor) and attempted arson 2 (A misdemeanor).

From their partner:

I finally got to talk to Sergey!! They want folks to know that they are holding up well, getting plenty to eat, doing lots of yoga, drawing lots of pictures, and making life-inspiring friends among other inmates. They ask that folks send any good books, zines, and drawings to them and thank everyone for their continued incredibly gracious support and were really cheered up by the show of support at the arraignment today. They also said that it’d be cool if people sent us (me/support blogs/etc.) cool drawings in solidarity to make an art blog out of.

You can write to Sergey at:

Sergey Turzhanskiy
MCIJ (Inverness Jail)
11540 NE Inverness Dr
Portland, OR 97220

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