Letter from KteeO!


In early Octorber, we held a letter writing night here in Denver with a focus around the recent flurry of grand jury repression being faced by anarchists in the Pacific Northwest.  Below is a note from KTeeO, currently incarcerated in Seattle for her refusal to cooperate with the grand jury.  She asked that we share this message across ABC sites.

“I want to thank you all for all the work that you do – prisoner support, like most support work, is all too often overlooked;  but i know that what y’all do makes it possible for me to do what I am doing.

I am doing fine – thanks in large part to all of the support that I have been receiving.  Being on the inside I am constantly reminded that every prisoner is a political prisoner – and that incarceration affects everyone, knowing that so many of y’all share these sentiments with me inspires me and makes me feel connected.

Anyway, thank you again.

Keep smiling.  Keep struggling.

In solidarity,


Katherine Olejnik 42592-086
FDC SeaTac
P.O. Box 13900
Seattle, WA 98198

Please take a moment out of your day to send KTeeO a note.  Homegirl is staying strong behind bars but a few quick words of encouragement can make all the difference.  For more information on grand jury resistance and how you can support these rad folks check out Support Grand Jury Resisters, Committee Against Political Repression, and SayNothing.info

Also, don’t forget to write Matt Duran, the other grand jury resister currently behind bars.

Matthew Kyle Duran #42565-086
FDC SeaTac
P.O. Box 13900
Seattle, WA 98198


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