H U S H by Greg Curry


By Greg Curry

I tried to love without my heart, didn’t get far, but how would you know?  I ate something, drank something, took something (today), felt good (today).  I’ll try to not eat, drink, or take anything (tomorrow) that should feel good (tomorrow).

Since when did silence mean I have nothing to say?  Because there’s no perspiration, it doesn’t mean I’m not sweating.  You think because you see no tears, that I don’t cry.

You’re moving really fast, or am I moving really slow?  How long can you keep that pace?  Where is this place you’re in a rush to?  You claim it’s a beautiful, popular place.  Oh!  I want to go also.  Must I improve my pace?  Is admittance subject to a race?  Can I get in without beating you (there)?  Is this place limited to just a few, or is it important to know someone (there)?

You look familiar, but no, I’m sure I’ve never seen you before.  You sound familiar, but no, I’m sure I’ve never heard you before.  Yes, I recall (the thought) more clearly now.  That is you eating, drinking, and talking really loud and fast.  I’m confused because I see tears, but you’re not crying.  While speaking from the heart and working up a sweat like a preacher, you’re convinced… Yes, maybe I should of remained silent since I have nothing to say.

Freedom First,

Greg Curry

Greg Curry, #213-159

Ohio State Penitentiary

678 Coltsville-Hubbard Road

Youngstown, Ohio 44505


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