The Case of the Cleveland 5: The FBI, Entrapment & the construction of Terrorists

From The Final Straw, July 15, 2012, via Anarchist News

This week’s conversation features a discussion of the case of the Cleveland 5, anarchists arrested in Ohio on April 30th for allegedly attempting to blow up a bridge. But the case isn’t so simple as idealists independently taking direct and spectacular action against infrastructure. As members of Cleveland 5 Justice (the support group for the defendants) share with us information about the accused, what is known about the alleged infiltrator sent by the FBI to facilitate a terror case (Shaquille Azir), and the significance of the timing of the arrests to coincide with May Day celebrations worldwide and the reawakening of the Occupy Movement in the U.S., we see a widened scope of intrigue and entrapment that fits into a bigger picture of corrupt government and self-serving security services.

This show will be streaming at from 7/16/12 til 7/23/12 and can be found
at by searching the damn show title.
“How FBI Entrapment is Inventing Terrorists and Letting Bad Guys Off The Hook”
Crimethinc’s “Inside The FBI Entrapment Strategy”
My boys, The Cleveland 5


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