An Open Letter from Greg Curry

“It is a given that I’m late to the party, as the saying goes, for my realization that there is a need for a committed and sustained struggle happened while I was in isolation for riot-related charges stemming from the 1993 prison uprising that occured at the Southern Ohion Correctional Facility (SOCF) in Lucasville, Ohio.

During this period of isolation, great books were handed to me by other prisoners who genuinely cared about my development.  And guess what?  After 19 years of isolation, our bond is still strong!  Though these books, as well as periodicals, and other writings, my eyes were opened wide about people like George Jackson, Elaine Brown, Martin & Malcolm, Betty Springer, Sharon Dannon, Monica Morehead, Larry hales, to name a few.  Along the way I began to ask:  What of these people who embraced various struggles?  Do they not fear for their job, their rank at their job, or their rank within their church?  So often excuses are made for rich athletes and entertainers–things like, “Well, they will lose all their contracts” or “They must focus on the game, not on political of racial issues.”  It seems to me that the people on the phone with the mortgage company, or the health insurer, about a discount after protesting the policies of that company would have the most to lose.

So I believe embracing struggle isn’t about what we stand to lose; instead, it’s about what gains all people will make.  Those that buy gus on credit to attend a rally; those that dine on tomorrow’s agenda, I say to you:  I love you, will never let you down, and look forward to helping you become a strong and active link in the chain of resistance that’s beneficial to all.  you’re the change we can believe in; you’re the real heroes/sheroes.

I only caution that none of you overlook the quality of ideas one can manifest when isolated with books and right thoughts.  Network with those you struggle for, and feel their pulse.

Freedom first,

                                       Greg Curry

Greg Curry, #213-159

Ohio State Penitentiary

878 Coitesville-Hubbard Road

Youngstown, Ohio 44508”

You can find more information here on our blog about Greg Curry and the Lucasville uprising (don’t forget to drop him a letter!).  Also check out and

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