Amelia Nicol Legal Update

Amelia Nicol, accused of felony second degree burglary after police raided an anarchist squat on October 23rd of last year, had a hearing today at the Van Cise-Simonet court building downtown. She was in custody, as she has been for months since being arrested at a Wal-Mart blockade in Loveland in early December, and represented herself in court.

Friends, family and observers were in court as well. Several charges were added, although none of them were read aloud and only referred to as “counts.” A trial date was set for August 21st.

Please take a moment of your day to write and mail a letter of support and love to Amelia as she makes preparations for her trial.

Amelia Nicol
CD# 0000762401
Denver County Jail
PO Box 1108
Denver, CO 80201

Strength and solidarity to Amelia! Empty the prisons!


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  2. Thank you for the Update.

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