Mexico: Joint Communique From Anarchist Collectives And Organizations In Solidarity With Mario López Hernández

There was an explosion in the early morning of June 27th at the corner of Vicente Guerrero and Londres streets in the Del Carmen neighborhood of Coyoacan, Mexico City. Our compañero Mario Antonio López Hernández was found there with several burns across his body. He was put in an ambulance and transported under police custody to hospital Rubén Leñero, where his arm and leg were operated on.

At no point was his family allowed to see him, let alone was he able to consult with a lawyer that he trusted to make a statement regarding the accusations that he was facing. On the contrary, members of Mexico City’s judicial police hounded him with questions, pressuring him to respond and to accept responsibility for other actions, specifically an explosion which occurred hours before at a bank machine for Federal Electricity Commission, even though our compa was in no physical condition to make a statement as he was still anesthetized from surgery.

It wasn’t until a day later, after pressure from several compas, that he was able to communicate with his lawyer and family. The compañero’s family’s home was searched and nothing relating to the allegations was found. Since the morning that Mario was found injured, the mass media has published articles portraying him as a dangerous terrorist.

We have confirmed that the police are trying to link more people to the actions, Felicity Ryder in particular, whose name has appeared in various mass media outlets as Mario’s supposed accomplice, to the point of even declaring that she’s been detained; this, however, has not been confirmed by the PGR (Attorney General of Mexico).

We condemn these wrongdoings, not because we believe in laws and legality, which only serve to sustain this predatory system, but because we think it’s important to be vocal about the Mexico City Government and Judicial Police’s attempt to stage a media trial against Mario in particular and the anarchist movement in general.

We are certain that the Government is trying to make a scapegoat out of Mario, creating a case that attempts to link him to other actions and changing his charges, the last one being “Attacking the Public Peace”, and furthermore they’re beginning a hunt for anarchists. The PGR has demonstrated that it’s incapable of restraining the offensive of anarchist action groups and is thus trying to take advantage of a compañero’s accident in order to make an example of him and strike fear into anarchist groups. We also know that the police have a list of names and organizations that they are investigating.

We the members of different organizations and collectives in the anarchist movement declare:

– Our total solidarity with our compañero Mario through these difficult times. We embrace him and await his prompt and thorough recovery.

– That solidarity among anarchists is more than just a word, as we will take action to disseminate information about the compañero’s situation as well as to demand his immediate liberation.

– We demand the presentation of Felicity Ryder. In an article from June 29th in the daily paper Excelsior, it is mentioned that she has been detained, but this has been neither confirmed or denied by the PGR.

– We reject and condemn the Government’s crude attempt to turn our compañero into a scapegoat while he is incapacitated.

– We call on all independent, autonomous and anti-capitalist organizations to be vigilant about the Governments attempts to provoke an anarchist witch-hunt. We are sure that this new “leftist” government will continue the politics of persecution and litigation of any political expression that doesn’t adhere to their plans.

– That the social inequality which sustains this system of domination and exploitation is much more violent than any protest, and violates the innate right to a dignified life, hindering individual freedom, preying on nature, subjecting people, stripping them and casting them into the ever more numerous penitentiaries of this prison-society, is why we will continue organizing ourselves and building a new world, founded on freedom, mutual aid, solidarity and free association.

For Mario’s Freedom!

For anarchy!

Cruz Negra Anarquista de México

Federación Anarquista de México-DF-Edo. Mex.

Grupo Anarco Comunista

Colectivo Acción Libertaria

Biblioteca Social Reconstruir

Federación Ecatepec Anarquista

Centro de Información Anarquista

Ediciones Hormiga Libertaria

Espacio Anarcofeminista Ni Ama Ni Esclava

Libertas Anticorp

Sin Medios Producciones

Regeneración Radio

Proyecto Rhabdovirus

2HAK Hip Hop Libertario

Escarlata Revoltoza

Centro Social Okupado Casa Naranja


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