King Blaze, ¡Presente!

Blaze with AIM Prisoner of War, Leonard Peltier at USP Leavenworth, 2004

We recently received news that a dear comrade and revolutionary Latin King, Gabriel Concepcion, AKA King Blaze, passed away in February. Due to internet email glitches, the news is very late in getting to us.

Blaze was a former prisoner and long time street member of the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation (ALKQN). Since his imprisonment in the mid 90’s, Blaze became a devout revolutionary. He dedicated his life to trying to transform the ALKQN into a street level revolutionary organization. He was released from prison in 2007, and became involved with organizing back in his hometown of the Bronx in New York City. He passed away at his mother’s home on February 25, 2012.

The grief of this loss is very overwhelming, as this news very recently reached us. A longer writing will surely come. But for now, we invite you to read two articles about Blaze’s work with the former Allied Resistance Network, a prisoner revolutionary organization active from 2003-2009.

In love and solidarity! Remember our dead and fight like hell for the living!
King Blaze, ¡Presente!

Thoughts of a Latin King
The Pen is Mighty


5 Responses

  1. This is my brother, Gabriel. I am Jose Concepcion. Today I found this article and thus found out about my brothers death. I have not had contact with him since 1992. I need contact information for my family in the Bronx, as I left back in 1992. Can someone out there help me to find my mother, Awilda. Please tell her Papo is looking for her.

    • Omg. you are the brother that Blaze spoke of. I was Gabriel’s girlfriend for three years after his passing of his wife. I loved your brother very much and miss him everyday. If you have facebook..please friend me. I’m Brenda Vasanski..

    • Blaze is my full nephews son let the world know he is alive and living a good life trying to lead a different way from his dad but totally respects the kings please contact me José

  2. Bronx, NY 10473-2426 7185891787. Awilda

  3. The +Address of Awilda Concepcion is 1970 Gildersleeve Avenue, Bronx. Result for Awilda Concepcion in City Bronx of the State New York was found by the Phone Number: 7185891787. … Bronx, NY 10473-2426 718-589-1787. Awilda

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