Greece: Three imprisoned anarchists end their hunger strike, seven continue, as motions are rejected; solidarity demonstration, April 27, outside the Korydallos prison in Athens

Previous updates: Contrainfo, Act for Freedom.

(Greek original)

Update on the three comrades, Sakas, Mitrousias and Karagiannidis

Yesterday, April 26, comrade Costas Sakkas returned from the Attica hospital where he was hospitalised and today, April 27, comrade Giorgos Karagiannidis also returned to the Korydallos prison. After yesterday’s fascist rejection of their just demands from the court of appeals, the three comrades decided to suspend the hunger strike they had been conducting since April 6.

The comrades are well, they have began their recovery and remain strong.

No comrade hostage in the hands of the state. 

Everyone to the solidarity demonstration today, April 27 at 6pm at the Korydallos prison.


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